On January 30 (KST), actor Song Joong Ki announced his marriage to British girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders together with the information that the 2 had been anticipating a toddler collectively.

Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Naturally, followers shared their reactions on social media. He has performed a father earlier than, so we’re excited to see him lastly be a dad in actual life too.

Throughout the years, Song Joong Ki has proven that he has the potential to be a terrific father along with his quite a few interactions with youngsters. So, listed below are 10+ instances he proved that he would be the greatest dad ever…

1. When he confirmed such care and concern for his Reborn Rich youngster co-star

I can lastly share this
#ActorSongJoongKi is the nicest
As quickly as he acquired to the set, he observed Su Ho there and he acquired anxious a couple of child being there so late at evening. In between shoots, he performed ball with Su Ho, too. And he stored speaking to Su Ho about this and that. (I believe he actually likes youngsters.)
Guess what, Su Ho, your older sister and mommy had been SO JEALOUS of you!
Even when snapping a pic collectively, he copied Su Ho’s pose. What a terrific actor Song Joong Ki actually is!
We’d like to see him once more!

— @mj5648/Instagram

2. When he performed basketball with the kid actor from Space Sweepers

3. When he was so candy with the kid actors for an advert, they got here to know him as “uncle…”

SD Biosensor Ad

Song Joong Ki x So Yul x CJ

This advert shoot passed off on November 9.
We heard we’d be on set with actor Song Joong Ki solely days earlier than the shoot. We couldn’t wait, we had been sleepless! This is the second time collaborating within the ‘SD Biosensor’ advert. And this time, we acquired to see Song Joong Ki up shut!!! We had been like, ‘IS THIS REAL OR ARE WE DREAMING?!’ We had been there for hours… however I used to be busy watching Song Joong Ki.

He’s actually good, like a model! And he has nice manners, too.

He is so, so, so handsome!!! And he has a terrific voice. And once I couldn’t take my eyes off him, the reps on set instructed me that I may stand on one thing (stairs) to see him higher. They even provided to look at CJ for some time, hahaha! So grateful for the reps serving to me out like that. ^_^ Anyway, as soon as I got here dwelling from this shoot, I needed to watch ‘Vincenzo’ yet again. The complete factor made such a long-lasting impression. Haha.

When he met CJ for a similar time, he embraced CJ’s cheeks… CJ was so confused. For the lower once they’re all on their backs, he even let CJ use his arm as a pillow. And he gave CJ a giant hug…

On the way in which dwelling, although, CJ was like, ‘How come Uncle Joong Ki squeezes me so hard when he hugs me?!’ Oh, youngster. You do not know how fortunate you’re!!! I WISH I WAS CJ!!!
Song Joong Ki’s supervisor additionally adored CJ, too. I used to be grateful all day. ^_^

Why did you cowl your smile, CJ?!
Where did your dimple go?
Not certain when this occurred…

Anyway, we’re ready for the opposite stills to be launched.
So Yul is such a fairly cutie.
Whenever Uncle Joong Ki is on tv, CJ says he misses Uncle. ME TOO, SON!!!

After the shoot, I went as much as Song Joong Ki and requested if he may snap a photograph with the youngsters… (I do not know the place I acquired the center to try this, now that I give it some thought.) I used to be in such shut proximity… and he appeared even higher up shut!
Song Joong Ki was actually cool about it. He mentioned, ‘Ah, yes! Of course.’ And he personally appeared for a great place to take an image… And I instructed him that we may use the set area for the reason that entrance space is a bit darkish. Haha. I can’t consider I had a complete dialog with him.

I noticed that they had been making some form of a behind-the-scenes video, too. I can’t wait to look at that. I used to be so blissful in regards to the three hours of the shoot we had!!!

— @no.1__handsome__cj/Instagram

Song Joong Ki reassured younger extras on the set of Reborn Rich, kneeling, speaking to them in regards to the scene, and so on. He additionally constantly ensured that the younger boy was okay after he acquired knocked down.

5. When he posed with Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi’s daughter

The picture was initially shared in 2016.

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6. When youngster actress Heo Jung Eun didn’t hesitate to decide on Song Joong Ki over Park Bo Gum and Oh Ji Ho

7. When his Battleship Island co-star Kim Su An revealed she was a fangirl of his

8. When he proved to be one of the best uncle on the set of Vincenzo

His nephew visited the set.

9. The method his nephews are all the time supporting him

10. Song Joong Ki being equally supportive of his nephews in all they do

11. When his nephew wished that “Uncle Vincenzo” would give him gold

12. One of Joong Ki’s nephews is called after his Descendants of the Sun character, proving his household actually adores him.

13. When Song Joong Ki mentioned that household, particularly his nephews and nieces, had been his motivation in an interview.

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14. Joong Ki all the time enjoying along with his nephews

15. When he lined Heo Jung Eun’s eyes throughout a kiss scene

16. Joong Ki along with his fictional daughter for SD Biosensor

17. His interplay with Park Si Yeon’s niece

18. When Joong Ki posted a photograph with this cutie…

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19. The method he loves enjoying with infants

20. When he visited a Children’s hospital for Domino’s Pizza Charity Event

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Song Joong Ki’s Previous Interactions With Children Resurface Following News That His Girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders Is Pregnant

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