Flash Thompson and Peter Parker have been bitter high-school rivals, as made well-known by Marvel’s Spider-Man comedian books. However, the 2 former enemies grew nearer as years and a long time handed, ultimately changing into one thing resembling buddies.

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While Flash and Peter’s relationship is one thing that each cinematic iteration of the Spider-Man story has included, there are numerous facets of their pleasant rivalry that the varied movies have not depicted, components of their historical past solely devoted Marvel Comics readers find out about.


Flash Has A Special Nickname For Peter

Flash Thompson pushes Peter's head into a locker

Peter and Flash’s relationship was actually at its most antagonistic in highschool, the place the latter tormented the previous each day, arising with new methods to make his teenage years as depressing as potential. This included a reputation that caught with Peter all through the whole thing of highschool: “Puny Parker.”

Flash continued to discuss with Peter as “Puny Parker” throughout highschool and even into school, earlier than dropping the nickname as the 2 grow to be friendlier with each other. The nickname has remodeled through the years, nonetheless, with the MCU’s tackle Flash sticking Peter with the immature nickname “Penis Parker.”

Peter And Flash Fought In A Boxing Match

The match between Peter and Flash amounted to precisely what readers anticipated: a brief and pretty one-sided battle. Flash rapidly discovered that he could not land a blow on Peter, solely to be knocked out of the ring with a single punch from his opponent, resulting in loads of embarrassment and mock at Flash’s expense.

Flash Is Spider-Man’s Biggest Fan

Flash Thompson smiles, split Spider-Man looks to his side

Though Flash’s major function within the early problems with The Amazing Spider-Man was to behave as Peter’s foil in school, he was additionally proven to have a pure love for Peter’s secret alter-ego of Spider-Man. This is one side of Thompson that has carried over to most variations of the character, as he unknowingly idolizes the very man he torments frequently.

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Flash’s love for Spider-Man is manifested in a number of methods, together with working his highschool’s fan membership dedicated to the superhero. At one level, Flash even masqueraded as Spider-Man himself, solely to be captured by the villainous Doctor Doom, who believed that he was the true deal.

Peter And Flash Shared Love Interests

Black Cat dates Flash Thompson in Marvel Comics.

Peter Parker has dated loads of girls all through his decades-long historical past at Marvel Comics. It would appear that he and Flash have comparable style in girls, on condition that Thompson has shared several of Peter Parker’s love interests through the years, making for loads of awkward moments between the 2.

Perhaps essentially the most well-known occasion of their equally positioned affections is their rivalry over classmate Liz Allan. Both Peter and Flash entertained crushes on Liz all through highschool, typically coming to blows over the matter. While neither would find yourself with Liz, each additionally briefly dated Betty Brant and Felicia Hardy at separate instances all through their comics histories.

Peter And Flash Worked Together

Spider-Man Peter Parker as a teacher Midtown High

Peter Parker underwent a profession change within the early 2000s, throughout J. Michael Straczynski’s historic run on The Amazing Spider-Man. After working as a contract photographer on the Daily Bugle for a very long time, Peter quickly hung up his digicam to be able to start instructing science at his previous highschool. He was stunned to seek out that Flash Thompson was later employed as the college’s major gymnasium trainer.

This sequence of occasions passed off throughout one of many extra antagonistic arcs between the 2 characters, as Flash had had a lot of his recollections erased after an accident orchestrated by Norman Osborn left him with a piece of his reminiscence lacking. The two labored collectively for some time earlier than Peter was pressured to depart his job after revealing his identification as Spider-Man to the world.

Peter And Flash Lived Together

Despite hints in any other case as a result of Flash’s varied cinematic portrayals in Spider-Man films, he and Peter Parker truly wind up changing into somewhat good buddies over the course of the comics. This friendship even included a short stretch of time whereby the 2 former rivals shared an residence.

While Peter and Flash weren’t roommates for so long as Peter and Harry, they did share a variety of adventures collectively throughout that point, together with going through off towards the telepathic Mindworm, who almost induced a whole block of New York City to lose their lives.

Peter And Flash Teamed Up As Superheroes

Flash Thompson becomes Anti Venom

As with many supporting comedian guide characters, Flash Thompson ultimately attains superpowers of his personal, after a number of encounters with variants of the Venom symbiote. This causes Flash to tackle a number of mantles consequently, together with Agent Venom and Venom, Antivenom.

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Flash’s superhero profession will not be as well-known or outstanding as Spider-Man’s, however the two do find yourself combating side-by-side from time to time. For Flash, it’s a surreal and wish-fulfilling dream come true to ally himself with the Webslinger, however for Spider-Man, it’s simply one other case of that “Parker Luck” inflicting him to battle side-by-side together with his former highschool bully.

Peter Believed In Flash When Hobgoblin Framed Him

The Hobgoblin lurks in the shadows.

As a results of working in the identical circles as a superhero with numerous enemies, Flash Thompson has his fair proportion of supervillain encounters. At one level, he even finds himself framed by an early rendition of the Hobgoblin, inflicting him to be thrown in jail for the lunatic’s heinous crimes.

While Flash’s identify was ultimately cleared, most of the folks in his life turned on him when he was discovered within the signature masks and costume of the Hobgoblin. Peter, nonetheless, remained one of many few that by no means believed in Flash’s villainy, serving to to show him harmless.

Flash Started Bullying Peter Again When They Were Adults

Flash Thompson Amazing Spider-Man

Though Peter and Flash’s friendship was one thing that was constructed up and nurtured over the course of a number of a long time and a number of other hundred comedian guide points, there was a second in time the place it was just about erased from existence. When Flash is in a drunk driving accident led to by Norman Osborn, a lot of his reminiscence is erased, together with his friendship with Peter.

Flash’s amnesia primarily reverts the previous bully to his highschool days, inflicting him to as soon as once more despise Peter Parker, who was his coworker on the time. While this storyline relating to Flash’s lacking recollections was ultimately dropped, it was troublesome for a lot of readers to observe Peter’s former pal revert to his less-than-amicable nature.

Spider-Man Inspired Flash’s Military Exploits

One of essentially the most intriguing facets of Flash Thompson’s character is his stint serving abroad within the United States marines. Initially delivery out to battle within the Vietnam War, Flash’s service was ultimately retconned to a number of undisclosed conflicts and ultimately the Iraq War on account of Marvel’s floating timeline.

While combating in Iraq, Flash is grievously injured whereas saving a fellow soldier from an enemy ambush, inflicting him to lose his legs. In an interview with a superior intending to present him the Medal of Honor, Flash revealed that his heroic efforts have been impressed by his childhood idol, Spider-Man. Unbeknownst to Flash, that inspiration actually got here from his previous pleasant rival, Peter Parker.

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