In the MCU, Peter Parker has been very loyal to his girlfriend Michelle Jones, aka, MJ. Spider-Man: No Way Home additional cements their love, with the 2 staying by one another’s facet as they attempt to make sense of the weird occurrences which are a results of Doctor Strange cracking open the multiverse.

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On the web page, issues are very completely different as a result of Michelle Jones is known as Mary Jane and she or he has to continuously take care of Felicia Hardy, aka, Black Cat for Peter’s coronary heart. Their rivalry has principally been a pleasant one, although it has been plagued by ugly moments occasionally. Since Felicia is but to seem within the MCU, solely comedian followers know the main points about her rivalry with Mary Jane.

10 Felicia Once Dated Flash Thompson To Make Peter Jealous

Black Cat dates Flash Thompson in Marvel Comics.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #329, Felicia returns to New York from Paris to study that Peter has fallen in love with Mary Jane. This makes her jealous so she seduces Peter’s greatest good friend, Flash Thompson, leading to what might qualify as considered one of the strangest romances in Spider-Man comics.

Felica solely has herself guilty for the brand new developments since she had double-crossed Peter and The Foreigner earlier than relocating to Paris. As forgiving as Peter is, there are some issues he will not stand. Still, she will be able to’t assist however be envious as a result of she sincerely loves Peter. Readers are used to hating her however right here, they’re left with no alternative however to sympathize along with her as she watches Peter and Mary Jane’s love blossom.

9 Felicia Willingly Became Peter And Mary’s Close Friend

Ben Reilly Black Cat

After giving up on attempting to win Peter’s coronary heart, Felicia begins to admire simply how effectively Mary Jane is taking good care of him. She proposes a friendship, which Peter and Mary conform to in The Amazing Spider-Man #369. However, that does not final as a result of she turns into livid at Peter for unmasking himself.

Felicia clearly adopts the “If you can’t beat them, join them” coverage when coping with the lovebirds. Since she desperately needs to be in Peter’s life, she figures the one manner she will be able to accomplish that is by getting near him and Mary. Her anger is comprehensible since she believes she shared a bond with Peter by being one of many few individuals who knew about his id.


8 Mary Jane And Felicia Were Famous Musicians

Mary Jane performs with Felicia in in Spider-Gwen #5

The Felicia model of Earth-65 is a well-known musician in Spider-Gwen #5. She can also be French and has a band named Black Cats. When she involves carry out in New York, Mary Jane, who’s an American pop star, opens for her.

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The take is an excellent one as a result of the 2 work together with out Peter’s involvement. In reality, Peter is hardly within the situation, with Spider-Woman being the important thing hero. The keener concentrate on the 2 feminine characters is refreshing as a result of they’re granted extra social energy than is ordinarily the case in points the place they’re combating for Peter’s coronary heart.

7 Mary Jane Approached Felicia To Save Spider-Man From Doc Tramma

Peter informs Mary Jane that he has been captured by Doc Traama in Web Of Spider-Man vol. 2

Mary Jane turns into apprehensive about Peter’s standing when he will get captured by Doc Tramma in Web Of Spider-Man vol. 2 #11. Though she shouldn’t be on talking phrases with Felicia, she approaches her, and collectively, they handle to save lots of Peter. They then conform to change into pals.

The newfound friendship shouldn’t be solely useful to Mary and Felicia however to Peter too since Felicia is ready to assist him when he labors to retrieve the vibranium that Hogbolin stole for Kingpin. The good-hearted Peter additionally returns the favor by hiring Daredevil to show Felicia’s innocence when she will get accused of stealing a Holographic Projector belonging to Horizon Labs.

6 Felicia Vowed To Not Compete With Mary Jane And Moved On To Wolverine

Marvel Mangaverse: Spider-Man Vol 1 1 has considered one of the wildest alternate realities in Marvel comics and in it, Felicia turns into cybernetically enhanced when Kingpin reconstructs her physique. Believing that Peter will not love her anymore, she begins relationship Wolverine. who she feels she has much more in widespread with.

Felicia is sensible to maneuver on because it’s exhausting to think about Peter ever relationship a cyborg. Though he has particular talents, he prefers to remain as human as potential. Felicia does certainly have rather a lot in widespread with Wolverine. The cybernetically enhanced model of her even has the claws, although hers develop instantly from the nails.

5 Felicia Once Didn’t Care About Peter And Mary Jane’s Relationship

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane

In most comedian points in regards to the web-slinger, Felicia has all the time had eyes on Peter however in Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #17, she would not care in regards to the two. She is a highschool pupil who solely occurs to be considering Peter’s good friend, Flash Thompson.

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The explicit comedian situation is supposed to emphasise Peter’s love for Mary Jane therefore it is smart for Felicia to not intervene. The situation additionally focuses on the teenage feminine characters quite than Peter, due to this fact it is vital for Mary Jane and Felicia to be granted their very own distinct love tales.

4 Felicia Was Mary Jane’s Pet Cat

Mary Jane gets attacked in the forest in Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #1

Strange issues occur in Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #1, which is a part of the bigger Marvel Fairy Tales. In it, Mary Jane has a black cat named Felicia.

The improvement may be complicated to some however the Marvel Fairy Tales are really a few of the darkest adaptations of common folk tales. The Mary Jane and Felicia pet dynamic relies on “The Little Red Riding Hood.” It’s a inventive take meant to point out that Mary Jane not solely adores Felicia however can also be extra more likely to win Peter’s coronary heart than her.

3 Peter Once Broke Up With Mary Jane And Married Felicia

Spider-Man marries Black Cat in What If? comics.

Peter turns into quite merciless to Mary Jane within the What If? anthology storyline. When Mary Jane turns into badly injured after Alistair Smythe’s assault, Peter figures he will not have the ability to take care of her so he dumps her and marries Felicia.

While it is imply for Peter to desert Mary Jane due to her well being situation, his relationship with Felicia finally ends up being the perfect factor for his superhero profession. Together, they handle to unravel a number of crimes. Their romance is additional solidified by grief as Felicia finally ends up getting killed by Paladin.

2 Felicia Was The First Person Spider-Man Willingly Revealed His Identity To

Black Cat hugging Spider-Man.

Peter and Felicia’s relationship begins in Spectacular Spider-Man #74 and he loves her a lot that he willingly reveals his id to her. Interestingly, Mary Jane is not mad when she learns that Peter instructed Felicia.

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It’s simple to see why Peter will get carried away each time he’s relationship Felicia. She is extra adventurous and persuasive, typically making him lose his guard. Mary Jane, then again, could be very humble and understanding, traits that Peter loves rather a lot as a result of he has needed to cope with brutal folks ever since he acquired his powers.

1 They Once Fought Physically

Felicia fights with Mary Jane in The Sensational Spider-Man

In The Sensational Spider-Man vol. 2, #27, Felicia and Mary Jane really get bodily. All this occurs due to Felicia’s jealousy as she believes Peter’s coronary heart belongs to her.

Felicia by no means has an issue with getting violent. She has finished so a number of instances on the streets due to this fact it is not too baffling to see her lose her thoughts. Mary Jane tends to be extra peaceable and she or he solely fights Felicia to defend herself towards hurt. Nonetheless, it’s unhappy watching the rivalry between the 2 trickling to violence.

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