2022’s The Batman marks the twelfth live-action Batman movie in a historical past spanning all the best way again to 2 serial movies of the Nineteen Forties. Robert Pattinson is thereby additionally the ninth live-action Batman actor in that historical past, along with his new spin on the character nonetheless reverberating in cinemas months after release.

Batman has been so continuously tailored, in truth, that film lore can give viewers a misunderstanding of the comic-book model of the character, or result in the comedian books adapting a facet from the movies into later comics canon. Which frequent comedian misconceptions originate from the films?


10 Rachel Dawes

The Dark Knight trilogy is maybe essentially the most acclaimed cinematic outing of Batman to this point, however one of many greatest deviations it took from the supply materials was in including the character of Rachel Dawes to Bruce Wayne’s backstory, as a love curiosity throughout the primary two motion pictures.

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The character suits in so organically with Nolan’s lifelike tackle the character, and performs such an integral position in Batman and Harvey Dent’s growth that it looks like she was tailored from the books, however any film fan who dives into the comics will discover her nowhere in them, to their shock. Rachel hasn’t even been included into the comics in any kind, a uncommon prevalence for DC movie characters.

9 Catwoman started as Batman’s love curiosity

Catwoman talking to Batman.

Rachel Dawes could also be The Dark Knight trilogy’s longtime love curiosity for the Caped Crusader, however Batman’s best love interest is Catwoman. Over a long time, even going again to the Adam West model within the Sixties, the character has shifted from supervillain to anti-hero, and has been essentially the most long-lasting of Batman’s love pursuits.

However, this is not how she began out within the comics. Catwoman debuted in Batman #1 as a cat burglar appropriately known as “the Cat,” and was imagined as one other becoming antagonist for Batman to face. She manages to flee him within the first a number of of her appearances, which made her fairly a novel and enigmatic character for readers. A real mutual attraction grew to become part of their dynamic a lot later.

8 The Joker started as Batman’s archenemy

The Joker making his first appearance in Detective Comics 1940

Another villain to debut in Batman #1 (which was not Batman’s debut, which got here within the earlier Detective Comics #27) was the Joker. Depending on who you ask, he was a gimmick character dreamed up by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and/or Jerry Robinson. Regardless, he was merely one other felony to be defeated.

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It’s solely the ultimate panel of Joker’s story that exhibits he survived his first encounter with Batman; with out this, his demise would have been everlasting, as was the unique plan. His survival as an alternative allowed him to become Batman’s archenemy over the a long time, the place he is additionally been imagined as a prankster and as a personality outlined instantly in opposition to Batman. At first, although, he was only a felony with a gimmick.

7 Batman was initially campy

The 1966 Batman TV collection helped outline camp by taking itself severely whereas having a few of the goofiest Batman villains take center stage in sure episodes. It’s arduous to not chuckle on the present in hindsight, however that is a part of why it is so satisfying. Still, this did not occur in a vacuum: the tone was impressed instantly by the post-Comics Code Batman comics from the Nineteen Fifties and 60s.

Before ethical issues and the Code sanitized him, although, Batman was really a fairly darkish, violent particular person in his early tales. He even carried a gun in a few of his earliest appearances, though this accent did not final too lengthy, principally as a result of it was utilized by so many different pulp heroes of the time. People who see Adam West’s reflecting the unique Batman comics aren’t acquainted with his first points.

6 Batman by no means kills

Batman gun

On that word, Batman can also be recognized for his one rule, the one Joker taunts him about all through The Dark Knight: Batman does not kill. Except, he carried a gun in his first appearances, and was in that very same time-frame seen snapping criminals’ necks and even hanging them from a rope. This was 70 years in the past!

Of course, Batman has killed people in the movies, too, from Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins to the warehouse goons in Batman v Superman. This ethical code, nonetheless, not solely made sense for the 60s TV present and the comics, but it surely additionally provides Batman narrative restraint. It additionally suits along with his backstory, not desirous to be like his mother and father’ killer, and helps his campaign (appear to) be extra than simply revenge.

5 Bane is expounded to the League of Shadows/Assassins

Bane, Ra's al Ghul Dark Knight split

The concept that Bane has any relation to the League of Shadows (or Assassins, as they’re known as within the comics) is integral to The Dark Knight Rises, as he’s finishing the mission Ra’s al Ghul started in Batman Begins, to “cleanse” Gotham City.

While the movie will get Bane’s backstory as a prisoner right, it locations that jail in a obscure Middle East, slightly than a comic-accurate fictional Caribbean island, Santa Prisca. Bane escapes that jail on his personal, and challenges Batman as a private campaign. The Dark Knight Rises did fortunately assist audiences understand that Bane is definitely clever, which was the exact opposite of his depiction in Batman & Robin.

4 Batman initially did not get together with Superman

Batman v superman why is it still controversial

Batman v Superman might need you imagine that Batman and Superman’s relationship has all the time begun with the 2 at odds earlier than they grow to be associates. The 2016 Zack Snyder motion pictures take inspiration for his or her battle from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which options their showdown as its climax.

However, of their authentic comedian appearances collectively Batman and Superman have been on advantageous phrases, each preventing crime even when their powers and strategies differed to a point. Even most animated variations do not depict animosity between them, though the DC Animated Universe notably did take this route, with the primary crossover on Superman: The Animated Series having the 2 initially at odds.

3 The Penguin is not sane

Danny Devito as the Penguin in Batman Returns

The Penguin is certainly one of Batman’s most iconic adversaries, and has featured in each live-action cinematic iteration of the character besides for The Dark Knight trilogy. Danny DeVito’s unhinged portrayal match proper in with Tim Burton’s world, and the concept of an insane Penguin suits with Batman’s rogues gallery.

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However, within the comics Penguin is certainly one of Batman’s few adversaries who really stay sane (in most situations, he’s, no less than). The two have usually even shaped alliances of comfort, with Penguin feeding Batman data on the underworld. Only The Batman has actually delved into this concept on the massive display screen, but it surely’s a really latest iteration that is solely simply beginning to affect viewer understanding of the basic character.

2 There’s just one Robin

Different versions of Robin in Teen Titans Go.

Today, there are many versions of Robin in Batman canon, however those that have seen the live-action motion pictures have solely been uncovered to at least one model (not counting Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character in The Dark Knight Rises): Dick Grayson.

Grayson as Robin was launched in 1940 to capitalize on the pattern of child sidekicks in comics, and remained the one one in comics canon till 1983, when Jason Todd was launched as his substitute since Dick Grayson was starring in Teen Titans; shortly after, Grayson would assume the Nightwing mantle. Plenty extra have come since then, however the motion pictures not often delve into any Robin, not to mention these.

1 The Wayne household was corrupt

robert pattinson in the batman in front of an old Wayne family photo

For anybody who watched The Batman, it could be simple to get the impression that the Wayne household are literally fairly a corrupt power in Gotham City, and their deaths may not have been random. The Telltale video games and Gotham TV present have additionally performed into this concept.

However, all through most of Batman’s comics run it has been the case that, whether or not they have been killed by Joe Chill or a random mugger, their deaths have been merely a tragic accident that set Bruce Wayne down his path to turning into a vigilante. It’s an interesting angle to discover, but it surely’s very new to the comics, and anybody who’s uncovered to this concept first may simply be led to imagine it is all the time been that manner.

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