The Star Wars franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have each churned out some improbable villains in 2022 in Darth Vader and Wanda Maximoff. It’s par for the course with these iconic collection which have at all times churned out their fair proportion of memorable antagonists.

While the villains in every respective franchise are distinctive in their very own proper, there are many similarities between the antagonistic personalities that problem the world’s favourite heroes. As followers get excited for brand new initiatives like Andor and She-Hulk, these villainous comparisons have by no means been as intriguing.


Cad Bane – Ulysses Klaue

Cad Bane is a Duros bounty hunter from the Star Wars franchise, who’s accountable for a number of the most important episodes in the Clone Wars series. His Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart, Andy Serkis’s Ulysses Klaue, is a weapons seller with a checkered historical past concerning the African nation of Wakanda.

Both of those characters are free cannons of their respective franchises, not really following any allegiance besides to themselves and searching for a revenue above anything. However, whereas Klaue is a wild card within the sense that even he is not fairly positive of his personal subsequent transfer, Bane is calculating and strategic, by no means making a transfer with no backup plan.

Grand Moff Tarkin – Ronan The Accuser

Grand Moff Tarkin is a high-ranking official within the Imperial Army and the commanding officer of the Death Star in A New Hope. His Marvel parallel, Ronan the Accuser, is a Kree fanatic who believes that wiping out the inhabitants of the planet Xandar is the one solution to precise justice for years of warfare between his individuals and theirs.

Both Tarkin and Ronan work in service to a better energy that finds them helpful, however solely to some extent. Cold and callous, neither character finds nice which means within the lives of their enemies. And, whereas every of those villains very nearly defeated his respective heroes, each finally failed within the final second, dying earlier than they might obtain their objective.

Grand Admiral Thrawn – Helmut Zemo

Grand Admiral Thrawn is the best strategic thoughts within the Star Wars universe, who makes his most substantial look all through the animated collection Star Wars: Rebels. His MCU parallel, Helmut Zemo, is the first antagonist of Captain America: Civil War, who orchestrates the division of the Avengers.

Both Thrawn and Zemo have sensible minds, staying a number of steps forward of their enemies. While Thrawn is undoubtedly much more prolific in technique than Zemo, every of those villains managed to tear aside their respective heroes by enjoying the lengthy sport, proving to be two of essentially the most harmful antagonists of all time.

Supreme Leader Snoke – Malekith

Supreme Leader Snoke is the chief of the First Order within the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, coaching Kylo Ren within the methods of the Sith. He finds his counterpart within the antagonist of Thor: The Dark World, the Dark Elf chief Malekith, who sought the destruction of Asgard by the Convergence.

Snoke mirrors Malekith within the unlucky areas. The Supreme Leader was initially arrange because the Big Bad of the sequel trilogy, solely to be unceremoniously killed off in The Last Jedi, ending his involvement within the collection. Malekith equally acquired a good deal of build-up throughout his respective look, solely to disappoint on each degree, shortly being forgotten by the fanbase at giant.

Kylo Ren – Loki

Kylo Ren, as soon as often known as Ben Solo, is the previous apprentice of Luke Skywalker who deserted his grasp after being seduced to the Dark Side of the Force. He most carefully resembles the Norse god of mischief Loki, who’s undoubtedly one of the MCU’s most scheming villains.

Both Kylo Ren and Loki act out of rage and ache of their villainous actions, wishing to show themselves in the one means they know the way. Despite their evil deeds, nonetheless, every of those characters buries their heroic qualities, solely to redeem themselves within the very finish.

General Grievous – Ultron

General Grievous is the chief of the Separatists’ Droid Army through the Clone Wars and probably the most fearsome warriors of his time. His counterpart within the MCU, the sentient AI often known as Ultron, served as one of many Avengers’ most profound challenges, practically destroying the world by turning Sokovia right into a humongous asteroid.

Grievous and Ultron are each generals main armies constructed of metallic which trigger way more destruction than the salvation they declare to deliver. While every of those villains is harmful in their very own proper, each solely function a distraction from the true risk that lurks within the shadows.

Count Dooku – Kaecilius

Count Dooku is the one-time grasp of Qui-Gon Jinn and a fallen Jedi who, after changing into disillusioned with the Order and the Republic, started the Separatist motion below the key steering of Darth Sidious. Meanwhile, Kaecilius is the first antagonist of Doctor Strange who seeks to deliver the darkish entity Dormammu to his personal dimension.

Dooku and Dormammu had been each disciples of a better calling till changing into disillusioned by the reliable hypocrisy of their superiors therein. Defecting from their trigger, every of those villains finally got here to serve a darkish energy who deceived them with guarantees of greatness, solely to betray them in the long run.

Darth Maul – Abomination

Darth Maul is a Sith apprentice who acts as the principle antagonist of The Phantom Menace, confronting Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn on Naboo. His parallel within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Emil Blonsky, also called the Abomination, was the very first villain confronted by the Hulk in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.

Maul and Abomination are each unchecked monsters utilizing their animalistic intuition to wreak havoc on their enemies. From a behind-the-scenes standpoint, every of those characters additionally discovered better success of their tv portrayals; Blonsky is about to re-appear in Disney+’s She-Hulk collection, whereas Maul turned accountable for a number of the greatest arcs in Star Wars television.

Darth Vader – Gorr The God Butcher

Darth Vader is a Sith Lord and probably the most iconic villains ever put to display. His story finally mirrors that of a current addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, Gorr the God Butcher. Gorr is the first antagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder who vows to kill each so-called god within the identified universe, together with Thor and his allies.

Both Vader and Gorr struggle from a spot of damage, as each villains had their households stolen from them by a merciless coincidence. While neither can ever be forgiven for all of their horrible actions, each discover redemption of their last moments, selecting to protect the lives of their respective offspring slightly than proceed their villainous deeds.

Darth Sidious – Thanos

Emperor Sheev Palpatine, also called Darth Sidious, is the mastermind behind the rise of the Empire, whose schemes result in the autumn of the galaxy’s former regime. His MCU counterpart, Thanos, noticed the universe heading towards a sluggish destruction and sought to put it aside by wiping out half of all life, thereby on the very least staving off the galaxy’s inevitable finish.

Both Palpatine and Thanos had been adept at enjoying the lengthy sport, spending many years plotting their depraved schemes and serving as the last word large dangerous of their respective sagas. However, whereas Palpatine orchestrated his rise with a view to consolidate energy for himself, Thanos was honest in his quest to save lots of the galaxy, although misguided in his actions.

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