Will he or will he not? In latest years, followers have stored arguing about Quentin Tarantino’s promise to retire after making his tenth film. Well, it seems that is precisely what is going to occur because the director lately revealed that he intends to retire whereas nonetheless on prime. But it is not all unhappy information as he additionally hinted that he would possibly go the TV route (through Collider).

Though Tarantino has made it clear that he’ll certainly depart the film business, fan skepticism will proceed since administrators and actors have a tendency to return out of retirement on a regular basis. But if he did certainly make a last film as promised, what could be the best plot? Redditors have some strategies.


Vega Brothers

About Tarantino, Ch0colatesyrup feedback: “He picks wildly different plots. That said, Vega Brothers.” The thought comes up as a result of considered one of the most likable Pulp Fiction characters, Vincent Vega, is the brother to Vic Vega from Reservoir Dogs.

It’s not a wild thought since Tarantino thought of making a movie about the Vega brothers referred to as Double V Vega. Not solely is the title a cool one however the Vega brothers are additionally fascinating sufficient to be on the middle of against the law thriller. And it must be a prequel since Vincent died within the film. However, there may be the chance of the film being too much like Pulp Fiction, presumably the explanation that Tarantino shelved the thought.

Ryan Gosling In A Video Game Movie

Ryan Gosling sitting in a car in Drive

Jimbo2933 has an out-of-the-box thought. They really feel the director ought to make “a video game movie with Ryan Gosling as the lead.”

There are loads of great video game franchises for Tarantino to select from. And since most online game films are typically poorly obtained in comparison with the video games themselves, Tarantino would earn himself bonus factors as an auteur by altering that development. The solely factor unlikely to occur is the casting of Ryan Gosling since Tarantino has go-to actors that he trusts. As such, followers can anticipate Brad Pitt or Samuel L. Jackson.

Non-Star Trek Sci-Fi film

Patrick Stewart and Famke Janssen in Star Trek

Jdgian13 says they’d “love it if he went wild and did something like a fantasy or a (not Star Trek) sci-fi film.” The director has flirted with the thought of constructing a Star Trek film earlier than.

One can see why the Redditor is towards a Star Trek film as that’s already a longtime franchise whereas Tarantino is thought for creating his distinctive worlds. For that purpose, an area opera or earthly journey with futuristic science ideas could be nice.

Kill Bill (Vol 3)

Uma Thurman as The Bride in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Redditor illhavethatdrinknow says “I’m still holding out hope for Kill Bill Volume 3.” It’s one thing many different Redditors need too.

Making “Volume 3” would possibly seem difficult since Bill was already killed, however there’s nonetheless a plot angle to be explored. It entails Vernetta’s grown daughter searching for revenge on her mom’s killer Beatrix, aka, The Bride. After all, in one of many memorable Kill Bill quotes, The Bride famously instructed her, “If you still feel raw about….I’ll be waiting.”

Biker Gangs

A scene from the Tarantino-produced biker movie, Hell Ride

TravoltaVega5 feels it might be nice if Tarantino made “something centered around biker gangs in the mid/late ‘90s.” The thought is not too alien both since Tarantino produced the biker film, Hell Ride.

Sons Of Anarchy proved that biker gangs may be fascinating if a narrative is instructed accurately. And whereas there are a few recommendable biker gang movies, most aren’t iconic. Hence, by making one, Tarantino has the possibility to develop a flower in a discipline that largely produces thorns.

A Kids Movie

Two kids sitting in a movie theater in Hugo

Phoequinox thinks that Tarantino ought to make a youngsters’ film. They write: “Rodriguez did it, Burton did it, even Scorsese did it. He can do it.”

Even Francis Ford Coppola did it however the probabilities of Tarantino making a youngsters’ film are slim. He clearly will need to have noticed the traits and observed that the youngsters’ films by these well-liked administrators ended up being critically panned. As such, he’s unlikely to strive. Still, experimentation yields nice outcomes at instances so Tarantino ought to think about it.

Gangster Movie Set In The ‘30s

Mob boss Rocky chats with his henchman in Angels With Dirty Faces

Djhuntau says “that 30s gangster film sounds good to me.” The award-winniug director has vaguely talked about such an thought earlier than too.

The plot suits into Tarantino’s wheelhouse because it permits him to dive into violence and gore like he usually does. The director hasn’t completed a correct mafia film both, so he has the possibility to do this right here. Furthermore, he tends to deal with interval settings fairly nicely.

Kill Bills

Leonardo DiCaprio on the office floor in The Wolf of Wall Street

Another user comes up with a artistic thought. They say he ought to make “a tense, financial drama about the end of paper money, called… Kill Bills.”

Aside from the cool title that’s a homage to considered one of Tarantino’s films, the thought itself is a strong one. The thought of a world with out paper cash hasn’t been correctly explored in cinema, so it might be nice if that occurred. Furthermore, the tone doesn’t must be too severe. Tarantino may nonetheless stride on the enjoyable route taken in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

A Fantasy Film That Ties Together All His Movies

Christoph Waltz and Denis Menochet in farm house during opening of Inglorious Basterds

What if there was a Tarantino-verse? Alekesam1975’s proposal entails a “meta-fantasy that encompasses and acknowledges all or most of his prior works.”

Given how often the filmmaker has criticized Marvel films, it might be good to see him show that he can do the entire shared-universe idea a lot better. With his films being set in numerous intervals, pulling it off could be difficult, however it might be good to see him strive.

A Noir Detective Thriller

Shutter Island Teddy and Chuck Boat

AltRightTearSipper25 hopes for a noir detective thriller. They say that since Tarantino likes to do revisionist stuff, he “could have a lot of fun with the Black Dahlia murder.”

Tarantino has certainly completed revisionist historical past fairly nicely with the Manson Family story and the Nazi one so the Black Dahlia story is one he may be trusted to deal with fairly nicely. The director is aware of find out how to create compelling investigators too and Max Cherry is proof of that.

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