As at all times, The Vampire Diaries stays within the information properly after the sequence concluded due to its latest transfer from Netflix to streaming companies like HBO Max and Peacock. On prime of that, creator Julie Plec is difficult at work on one other new present and It will probably be fascinating to know if she will have interaction the followers as a lot as The Vampire Diaries nonetheless engages followers to at the present time.

Whether it is sharing their love for the storylines and characters, frowning on the largest plot holes of the present, or sharing passionate opinions with each other, the followers are nonetheless very energetic and the fandom could be very a lot nonetheless alive.


Was It The Sire Bond?

“Elena didn’t fall in love with Damon because she was sired to him. She was sired to him BECAUSE she was in love with him!” mentioned Reddit consumer themeriff117. Fans of Stefan and Elena usually say that it was sire bond’s fault that Elena’s relationship with Stefan ended, however she already had moments of attraction and even some emotions approach earlier than she ever become a vampire.

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In episode “Heart Of Darkness,” it was Elena that initiated a kiss with Damon after she realized that he is a greater particular person than he lets everybody see. And when Stefan left due to Klaus, Damon was at all times there for her. It was solely pure for emotions of belief to develop into one thing else.

Tyler Deserved Better

“Tyler deserved a better ending. Imo he was one of the most underutilized characters,” mentioned Reddit consumer StuckInDreams. They created the entire werewolf storyline for Tyler, after which they simply dropped it when it stopped being handy.

His dying was additionally very lackluster within the eyes of many, and after being a daily for thus a few years, he deserved such a greater ending than what he obtained. He additionally deserved extra character growth and extra private scenes with different predominant characters, like Elena, who he had sturdy buddy chemistry with.

Katherine Should Have Died

Katherine is likely one of the fandom’s favourite characters. She received everybody over together with her impeccable model, humorousness, and by being a badass. But some followers really feel her welcome on the present was overstayed. “Katherine should have died already. Her character started being hella boring and weak. She should have died as a badass,” mentioned courageous Reddit consumer Business-Zucchini-71.

The character does appear to get overused in later seasons, and her character appears to vary for the more serious. She goes from a calculating survivor to an ignorant and evil particular person. By the time the viewers has to cope with Katherine hijacking Elena’s physique, which was an underwhelming plot of the show, they have been type of fed up together with her.

On Stefan And Caroline

While some followers are satisfied that Caroline’s remark about planning a June marriage ceremony was an indication that they have been deliberate for the reason that starting, many assume that it wasn’t so, and much more, that Stefan and Caroline haven’t any romantic chemistry, and have been higher off as pals.

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Reddit consumer sugarcherriepops even identified that Caroline appeared to have been Stefan’s final selection. “Stefan actually never loved Caroline, he just cared for her as a friend. Caroline deserved better than being a second choice.” Shippers of this romance are certain to struggle these claims again with their very own views.

Bonnie Isn’t All That

The TVD fandom doesn’t take kindly if anybody dares communicate a phrase towards Bonnie, however Reddit consumer gerardx17 nonetheless felt compelled to share their ideas. “Bonnie is overhyped and overrated. I get it, she’s your fave, and you think she is the most powerful in the universe. She isn’t, she could have died in a split second at any time.”

Compared to different sturdy witches on the present, Bonnie does appear to be much less highly effective than most. It feels just like the potential of her character wasn’t introduced out absolutely, as she might have been a lot stronger. She additionally had her flaws and repeatedly acted with little to no mercy, so she was almost like a villain.

Stefan Didn’t Love Elena

“I honestly find it hard to believe that Stefan was ever actually in love with Elena. He treated her like trash, never showed her his true personality, and only noticed her because she looked like Katherine,” mentioned Reddit consumer sapphicsato. This is a powerful tackle one of the crucial common ships from the present.

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While many assume Stefan and Elena have been soulmates, lots of people really disagree. Whether they consider Stelena is an effective ship, nonetheless, saying that Stefan did not love Elena looks like a stretch. He risked his life for her loads of occasions, they’d nice chemistry, and he usually put her desires in entrance of every little thing else.

John Gilbert Doesn’t Deserve All The Hate

“John Gilbert is a good character and antagonist and he doesn’t deserve that much hate,” mentioned Reddit consumer jodlad04. Of course, many followers hated John when first watching the present just because they have been rooting for the vampires. But his views make much more sense after considering for a bit.

He knew how harmful vampires have been and easily wished to guard his daughter. In the tip, he finally ends up sacrificing his life so Elena can keep human for some time longer. He additionally had a powerful set of rules that he by no means strayed from.

Stefan Isn’t The Better Brother

Damon was at all times the villain as a result of as he mentioned in one of the quotes that sum him up, he did not thoughts being one to get issues executed. But many individuals fail to notice that Stefan wasn’t a saint both. “Stefan is still a serial killer who has butchered entire villages, there is no better brother,” mentioned Reddit consumer Radiant-Flamingo-72.

Not solely was he the one liable for making Damon a vampire towards his needs, however he had different flaws as properly. His obsessive nature did not permit him to let Elena be, he simply “had” to know her, and due to this fact launched her into the life that might price her almost every little thing.

Both Ships Are Toxic

The battle of Stelena vs. Delena was the biggest argument TVD fans got into. The Stefan and Elena followers like to assault their love triangle opponent by calling Damon and Elena poisonous, which they have been – even self-proclaimed in season 5. However, they weren’t the one ones. Reddit consumer sapphicsato mentioned: “Stelena was toxic as hell, but nobody wants to see it because all they have to compare it to is Delena, which is even worse.”

Stefan repeatedly lied to her, stalked her, put her in a harmful scenario by courting a human when he could not even management his urges for blood properly. Neither of those was a wholesome relationship, the truth is, it is uncertain such a factor even existed on this present.

Mistreatment of Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert appeared to have struck a nerve in many individuals as a result of they simply couldn’t stand her. “People attack Elena for crying when she lost her family, yet people go and admit to crying when their favorite character dies. Seems a little hypocritical to me. Not saying you have to like Elena but at least give a valid reason because ‘she cries too much’ seems like an excuse at this point,” mentioned Reddit consumer hdjdjdkenendn.

Considering the quantity of trauma she endured all through the present, it is relatively stunning that Elena didn’t find yourself needing to be hospitalized, as a result of that might be an excessive amount of for almost anybody. But it looks like having real feelings and crying about her losses is simply too self-involved and in response to many followers, she ought to have simply sucked it up.

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