While the movie business is stuffed to the gills with likable villains and charismatic antiheroes – look no additional than 2019’s Joker as proof – there are just a few characters which might be completely loathsome to audiences.

Spanning genres and a long time, Reddit customers had been tasked with giving their picks for his or her most hated character in a film. Suggestions ranged from the apparent like Nurse Ratched and Dolores Umbridge, whereas others had been much less well-known but fashionable with Reddit customers like a personality from the underrated historic drama Rob Roy.


10 Marla Grayson – I Care A Lot (2020)

A Netlfix unique film, I Care A Lot was a extremely polarizing movie, with many discovering the principle character too loathsome to benefit from the film whereas others discovered the film extremely entertaining. One factor, although, that each one viewers can agree on is simply how unlikable the character Marla Grayson is.

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She is so unlikable that Reddit consumer KadieKnievel said, “I usually love antiheroes and complicated protagonists. But this one was so awful, I could barely finish the movie.” Many discovered Marla’s character grating and her actions unfathomable to the purpose that Redditor karateema “was happy when she got shot.”

9 Archibald Cunningham – Rob Roy (1995)

A movie set in 1700s Scotland, Rob Roy includes a stellar forged consisting of Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, John Hurt, Brian Cox, and Tim Roth because the villainous Archibald Cunningham. While Rob Roy will not be probably the most universally well-known movie, many Reddit customers selected Archibald Cunningham as their most hated film character.

In truth, Redditor Technical-Waltz7903 was the primary to say Cunningham within the subject, after they gave their first choose of “Tim Roth in Rob Roy.” The character of Cunningham is a villainous aristocrat – performed deviously by the talented Tim Roth – who’s greater than deserving of his hated standing because of his heinous actions all through the movie, together with sexual assault and homicide.

8 Briony Tallis – Atonement

It is just not laborious to think about why the character of Briony Tallis is a hated film character, given her dangerous affect to the central characters in Atonement. Suggested by hardlyevenreal, the consumer explains that “the way they did her character in the film absolutely enraged me,” however notes “not that she is likable anyway.”

Briony is the principle damaging drive in ruining many individuals’s lives within the interval piece. The hatred for this fictional character is so sturdy that there are even blogs devoted to why they hate Briony. Despite her younger age within the movie and her quest for atonement, viewers have gone as far as to label this thirteen-year-old upper-crust teenager as being pure evil.

7 Commodus – Gladiator

Reddit consumer LastNameBrady deemed Commodus, the cowardly and merciless villain of Ridley Scott’s 2000 movie Gladiator, as a film character worthy of hatred. They state, “Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator really p***ed me off as a kid.”

Played to perfection by Joaquin Phenix, an actor no stranger to playing villainous characters, Commodus is conceited, spoiled, and egotistical, considering he’s entitled to the merciless acts he perpetrates. It actually is simple to see why the thread had many different customers suggesting Commodus, because the character has all of the qualities that individuals hate.

6 Percy Wetmore – The Green Mile

Leading-Bid7018 gave “Percy Wetmore from the Green Mile” as their suggestion for probably the most hated film character and lots of different Reddit customers heartily agreed. Percy Wetmore is from the 1999 movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel, The Green Mile, and is a despicable human being by all accounts.

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He engages within the torture of animals and people, he’s a blackmailer and a saboteur, he abuses his energy as a jail guard, and he typically makes use of psychological abuse in direction of anybody he sees as the specified object of his cruelty. It’s no surprise that many movie lovers cannot abide him.

5 Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Reddit consumer Next_Faithlessness87 famous Harry Potter villain Dolores Umbridge as particularly deserving of probably the most hated film character title. They revealed, “Umbridge from the Harry Potter franchise. If I was in a situation where I’m stuck in a hallway with Umbridge on one side and Voldermort on the other, I’d choose the Dark Lord in an instinct.”

It’s laborious to not disagree with the Reddit consumer as Umbridge is a personality as dislikable as they arrive. She is an apt illustration of the worst of political energy with a sadistic streak to her at the side of her lack of an ethical middle.

4 Warden Norton – Shawshank Redemption

One of the best film adaptations of a Stephen King novella, 1994’s Shawshank Redemption is a robust film on redemption and friendship. In addition to having a unbelievable forged and an amazing script, the movie additionally has some of the hated film characters of all time, Warden Norton. RenandMorty purchased the character to Reddit’s consideration, merely itemizing their choose “Warden Norton-Shawshank.”

Warden Norton might be described in some ways, none of them good. Norton is ruthless, keen to do something to anybody who would possibly someway reveal his true nefarious nature to the world exterior Shawshank Prison.

3 Nurse Ratched – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Redditor DisasterPeace7 gave Nurse Ratched as their choose for probably the most hated film character, saying “Nurse Ratched, absolutely made my blood boil.” From the Jack Nicholson basic, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Nurse Ratched is the central antagonist. However, she is just not the standard over-the-top, manically laughing movie villain. Rather, Nurse Ratched is a manipulative, chilly, and apathetic character who has been corrupted by the ability imbued to her by the psychiatric establishment.

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She acts like a passive-aggressive tyrant, punishing anybody who displeases her, even stooping to have much less obedient sufferers endure pressured and pointless lobotomies and unmedicated shock therapies.

2 Burke – Aliens

As deemed by therandomways2002, Burke from Aliens was the embodiment of a double-crosser. The Reddit consumer mentioned the character “did make me appreciate Paul Reiser’s acting. He played the role to pitch-perfection” as Reiser performed the character to come back throughout as a grasping traitor.

Burke is above all, a company stooge who helps his employers on the Weyland-Yutani firm with none regard for the hazard he’s placing others in. User Low-Cantaloupe made the insightful commentary when he said, “Paul nailed the role…it was like the worst qualities of businessmen and politicians all rolled into one.”

1 Biff Tannen – Back To The Future Trilogy

In one in all cinema’s most beloved film franchises lies some of the hated film characters of all time, as steered by Reddit consumer Lord-Sinestro who described, “Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future series. Whole bloodline of total pr**** to the McFly family. Alternate 80s Biff is the best.”

Starting out the Back to the Future franchise as a dim-witted bully, Biff Tannen finally ends up displaying that he’s able to far more depraved issues than forcing George McFly to do his homework for him. At the tip of the primary movie, he forces himself upon a terrified Lorraine. Biff solely will get worse because it’s proven in Back to the Future II that he provides homicide to his checklist of crimes and barbarity. Many Reddit customers agreed on this choose, cementing Biff Tannen as some of the hated film characters of all time.

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