ARMYs are trending “Dear HYBE,” however not for the standard purpose…

ARMYs have trended “Dear HYBE” on Twitter, sharing what seems to be cowl letters making use of for made-up positions on the firm. They are all outlandish dream jobs associated to working with one’s BTS bias. Yet, ARMYs give legitimate explanation why they’d make glorious candidates for the fictional roles.

Check out among the funniest purposes beneath.

1. Jimin’s Hair-Holder

2. Album Opener

3. Company Chicken

4. RM’s High-Fiver

5. Suga’s Sweat-Dabber

6. Hugger

7. Jungkook’s Baby Oil Manager

8. RM’s Spotter

9. Jin’s Gaming Partner

10. Suga’s Lip Balm Applier

11. Museum-Goer

12. Jin’s Dad Joke Provider

13. Jimin’s Jams

14. Head-Holder

15. Jungkook’s Lost Button

16. J-Hope’s Instagram Assistant

17. Jimin’s Boot-Zipper

18. RM’s Hair-Tucker


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