With motion pictures comparable to Weird: The Al Yankovic Story and The Fabelmans producing high-spirited buzz amongst audiences and critics, it is legitimate to level out how motion pictures are getting higher and higher at blurring the road that separates artwork from actuality.

By giving character-driven tales the benefit they deserve, biopics study with fictional tales and vice-versa, making it arduous for viewers to tell apart what’s so completely different about them. This is very true when considering how characters who by no means existed usually appear extra actual than a real-life individual does. Movie buffs on Reddit shared their favourite picks of films that really feel like biopics however are, in reality, fictitious.


The Wrestler (2008)

Darren Aronofsky has a historical past of delving deep into characters’ dramas that really feel actual whatever the absurd extremes to which they’re swept, comparable to in Black Swan and Pi. However, The Wrestler is his most intimate and gradual undertaking, following a light skilled wrestler making an attempt to come back to phrases along with his estranged daughter and the downfall of his profession.

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Reddit person DovahSheep1 mentioned the film is “one of the best character studies I’ve ever seen bar none.” For a film set largely in a brutal setting, The Wrestler is surprisingly candy, till it turns into a film about self-destruction from the angle of a person who would not consider in his personal redemption.

Blonde (2022)

Ana de Armas as Marilyn recreating a movie scene in Blonde

One can solely think about the shock of anybody who took Blonde as an correct portrayal of Marilyn Monroe’s life. The movie is predicated on a fictional novel and reimagines the lifetime of the legendary actress by way of a succession of traumas and abuses.

One Redditor mentioned, “It’s based on a fictional biography of Marilyn Monroe. I thought it was real, cried my eyes out, did research, and have been mad ever since.” Perhaps what made individuals dislike Blonde is the nonstop cruelty and the way some characters recall real-life counterparts, together with President Kennedy. It’s extra involved with delivering social commentary about patriarchal oppression and Hollywood exploration than actually retelling Marilyn’s life.

Almost Famous (2000)

Almost Famous Kate Hudson director's cut

Almost Famous could be thought-about a “plotless” movie about people hanging out, capturing on a regular basis mundanity by way of the eyes of a youngster experiencing the rising Seventies music scene and embarking on a street journey with a band on the rise.

Although author/director Cameron Crowe actually was, just like the movie’s protagonist, a teenage author for Rolling Stone journal, the semi-autobiographical story offers way more emphasis to fantasies about what might’ve been, mixing fiction and actuality in an indiscernible trend. Redditor aaaaaaaah- mentioned, “To this day my mom still thinks this is a biopic and I don’t have the heart to tell her.”

The Godfather (1972)

Al Pacino in The Godfather

Redditor bobpetersen named “The Godfather movies telling the story of Michael and Vito Corleone” as being as convincing as any biopic. The trilogy affords an in-depth character examine and a household chronicle, nonetheless thought-about by many the very best motion pictures of all time. The first movie explores a gripping father-and-son relationship as Vito, the intimidating patriarch, transfers his energy and management to his resisting younger son, Michael.

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Just like a very good household biopic, characters come and go, and completely different generations take over the ability as whole eras cross. The characters in The Godfather are ruthless, chilly, and methodical, but viewers really feel for them nearly as in the event that they’re a part of the household.

Zelig (1983)

Woody Allen - Zelig (1983)

Xenux66 claims, “I legit thought Zelig was a documentary when I first saw it.” Woody Allen pioneered the mockumentary style with Take The Money And Run in 1969 and sharpened his storytelling expertise within the bold Zelig, a hilarious movie a few human chameleon in a position to look and act like whoever is round him.

Allen’s darkish humor is top-notch and Zelig’s distinctive expertise escalate to unbelievable extremes, together with scenes wherein he joins Hitler’s Nazi military and flies over the Atlantic by imitating a pilot’s expertise. It’s simple for viewers to consider Zelig is actual with all his harmless quirkiness; actually some of the nuanced characters of the Nineteen Eighties, inserted in a documentary format carried out by some of the proficient American administrators.

Inside Llewyin Davis (2013)

Inside Llewyin Davis

Reddit person okhan3 commented that Inside Llewyn Davis is “one of my new favorites.” Though loosely primarily based on folks singer Dave Van Ronk, Llewyn Davis is a fictitious character who’s a part of the actual New York folks scene within the early Nineteen Sixties. Oscar Isaac’s efficiency makes Llewyn one of many best and most tragic Coen brothers’ characters.

Inside Llewyn Davis does a fantastic job of capturing the altering musical scene from the ’60s as a mirrored image of Llewyin’s troubled previous, which incorporates struggles with cash, damaged hearts, and the harrowing lack of his singing accomplice. The character’s intimate drama permeates each side of the movie and though it is arduous to consider Llewyin is not actual, it is also unhappy to consider the numerous musicians that, similar to him, fell to grace in these difficult occasions.

Phantom Thread (2017)

Phantom Thread

The movie that introduced Daniel Day-Lewis out of retirement for the perfect role, Phantom Thread, is one other Paul Thomas Anderson effort to seek out magnificence in vicious individuals, this time with the romance that sparks between an boastful, but extraordinarily proficient British dressmaker and a younger muse he met by probability. Attentive to element and character psychology, PTA delivers a movie wherein each character seems to be too actual to be true.

Redditor 1_yard_dash named Phantom Thread as their alternative of a fictitious movie that seems like a biopic. The movie accomplishes the not possible activity of portraying a poisonous relationship as a captivating love story, leaving loads of room for interpretation, and naturally, misinterpretation. The film argument depends on the idea of how every individual loves in their very own approach, which allows intricate romances which may as effectively cross ethical boundaries.

Rocky (1976)

Rocky Balboa fights Apollo Creed

CanadianCultureKings wrote, “Rocky 1976 really felt like a biopic to an extent.” The first film of a profitable franchise follows a minor-league boxer chosen by probability to face the world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed.

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Rocky is the sort of film that is not terrified of hiding its conventional American values, leading to a brutal depiction of a legend embracing his destiny and rising to the highest from the zero. Rocky seems to be like a biopic as a result of it displays all of the ambitions of a real dreamer, providing a message of hope to those that nonetheless do not know {that a} sweaty, targeted journey of self-discovery is way more rewarding than a single finish end result.

Tár (2022)

Cate Blanchet conducting in Tar movie

Tár tells the story of the world’s biggest residing conductor, a strong-willed (and fictitious) girl named Lydia Tár, and the way the reward round her expertise is not sufficient to maintain her away from scandal. Clueless_Reddit_User claims, “All the media I had read lead me to believe this was a true story.”

Beyond providing the efficiency of Cate Blanchett’s profession, Tár can be one of many few correct portrayals of “cancel culture” thus far, actually committing to the favored “art vs. artist” debate with out leaning to both facet.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022)


Maybe, simply perhaps, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story seems like a biopic as a result of the creators, in addition to Al himself, have been absolutely dedicated to creating enjoyable of each biopic ever made. The movie is an over-the-top portrayal of well-known parody artist “Weird” Al Yankovic, exaggerating just about each side of his life.

As FreederedPower factors out, “It’s not really 100% fictional,” and Yankovic does exist, however it takes the “Wait, is this really real?” query to hilarious extremes, difficult viewers to discern what’s actual and what’s not whereas making enjoyable of each single overused trope in biopic motion pictures.

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