Warning: This record incorporates spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is lastly out and it incorporates among the most enjoyable moments within the MCU so far. The film is a rollercoaster of feelings from begin to end, and it additionally incorporates among the most tearful scenes not solely on this Spider-Man trilogy however any Spider-Man film ever. These scenes will not be solely tearful for being unhappy however in some instances being joyful.

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No Way Home is a triumph in some ways and represents a end result not solely of this specific Spider-Man trilogy however the Spider-Man franchise in live-action going again to the primary Sam Raimi film in 2002. For followers outdated and new, it is a goodbye in some ways, but additionally a reunion in lots of others, resulting in a variety of tears and a variety of causes to see the film many times.


Norman Osborn’s Struggle

Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2002 and No Way Home

One of essentially the most surprising points of the brand new film is that it not solely brings again basic villains from earlier Spider-Man films but additionally continues their story arcs. Nowhere is that extra poignant than with Norman Osborn, who lands within the MCU and discovers that not solely does Oscrop not exist there, however his son Harry does not both.

Willem Dafoe is misplaced, confused, and in grief all through his opening scenes, making the Green Goblin as soon as once more one of the vital compelling villains. His ache is actual and generates some tears, particularly when he finally succumbs to his Green Goblin persona.

Doctor Strange Admits He Loves Peter Parker

One of essentially the most tearful scenes within the new film has Doctor Strange reveal his real affection for Peter Parker. As Peter Parker suggests casting a forgetting spell to cease the multiverse from invading the MCU, Doctor Strange says “Everyone who knows and loves you will forget you.”

Doctor Strange has been a villain many times in Marvel Comics, and No Way Home positions him as an antagonist of Peter Parker over the course of the film. But, by the top, followers see how a lot Doctor Strange values Spider-Man and every little thing he represents.

The Return Of The Spider-Men


One of essentially the most ecstatic moments within the new film can also be one sure to generate a variety of tears. When Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire make their entrances into the MCU, it is a joyful second that represents one thing many followers thought they might by no means see.

The preliminary introduction of the 2 earlier variations of Spider-Man from the flicks can also be hysterical, with MJ demanding the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man show he is Peter Parker as she constantly throws bread at him to activate his spider-sense.

Sam Raimi Spider-Man Stops MCU Spider-Man

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man

There are many powerful versions of Spider-Man in the comics, and lots of of them have met. It’s debatable they’ve by no means had a second as impactful because the Sam Raimi Spider-Man stops the MCU Spider-Man from killing the Green Goblin.

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The MCU Spider-Man is set to kill Green Goblin after the loss of life of Aunt May, which might destroy what she died for and every little thing he represents. The Sam Raimi Spider-Man’s intervention is a poignant and highly effective second and validation of who Spider-Man actually is.

The Amazing Spider-Man Remembers Gwen

One of the saddest scenes within the new film has The Amazing Spider-Man bear in mind the loss of life of Gwen Stacy from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s particularly unhappy as Andrew Garfield tearfully explains that after her loss of life, he turned “rageful” and “bitter.”

It’s a tragic consequence for this model of Peter Parker. Gwen Stacy’s loss of life was one among the most shocking deaths in Marvel Comics, however Spider-Man ultimately discovered peace. It was very unhappy to see the Amazing Spider-Man did not, a minimum of to that time.


Spider-Man: Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield Teased In Marvel Game Quest

The mixture of all three Spider-Man very simply may haven’t labored within the film, however the chemistry and camaraderie between them are a few of its finest options. One of essentially the most joyful moments comes when The Amazing Spider-Man says he at all times needed brothers.

The three Spider-Men bond in methods which might be tearfully joyous, changing into a staff and a band of brothers in the middle of attempting to save lots of the lives of the supervillains out to kill them. Their parting hug is among the most touching moments within the film.

Sam Rami Spider-Man’s Reunion With Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus Spider-Man No Way Home Peter Parker Identity featured

Another highly effective second that conjures up some tears comes when the Sam Raimi Spider-Man is reunited with Doctor Octopus. Comic book fans know Doctor Octopus is one among Spider-Man’s biggest villains, however in Spider-Man 2 and on this film, they’re shut mates.

Doctor Octopus’s satisfaction in an older Peter Parker is among the most poignant moments within the film, particularly as Doc Ock’s loss of life within the Sam Raimi trilogy is now retconned in a approach that permits the 2 to proceed their friendship and partnership of their universe.

Saying Goodbye

Zendaya as MJ and Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider Man No Way Home

One of the saddest moments within the new film comes when Peter Parker has to say goodbye to his mates MJ and Ned. The solely option to cease the multiverse from encroaching on the MCU, he has Doctor Strange solid a spell to make everybody all over the place overlook Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

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His tearful farewell to MJ and Ned is heartbreaking. He guarantees to seek out MJ and Ned and make them bear in mind, however as he later discovers, that is probably not as simple as he thinks and the affect of the spell might be everlasting for Peter Parker.

The Amazing Spider-Man Saves MJ

Split image of Gwen Stacy falling in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and MJ falling in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Numerous followers anticipated that The Amazing Spider-Man would save MJ as she fell from the scaffolding of the Statue of Liberty. Their hypothesis was rewarded with a triumphant second that was equally poignant. Andrew Garfield’s aid and remnant grief for Gwen Stacy radiates out of him as holds a grateful MJ.

It’s a robust second for followers too, who’ve seen some type of this scene in each iteration of the Spider-Man live-action franchise. The aid for The Amazing Spider-Man and followers goes all the way in which again to Gwen’s loss of life within the comics in The Amazing Spider-Man #121 within the 70s.

The Death of Aunt May

One of essentially the most stunning and unhappy moments within the film is the loss of life of Aunt May. Her loss of life is much more tragic as a result of she dies attempting to save lots of the person who killed her. But her loss of life by the hands of the Green Goblin additionally permits for one of the vital highly effective moments within the film.

After Aunt May is injured, she delivers the long-lasting line “With great power comes great responsibility,” the tenet for Spider-Man that was uttered by Uncle Ben within the comics and different films. Here it takes on added weight and poignancy as she pays the last word worth for her values and for Peter Parker’s as effectively.

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