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Eternals options a number of the strongest superheroes thus far seen within the MCU, comparable to Sersi and Ikaris. The mixed energy of the Eternals within the film is extraordinary, however there are lots of extra {powerful} Eternals from the comics who did not seem within the movie.

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Some of them are much more {powerful} than the Eternals within the MCU and doubtlessly rank among the many strongest beings within the Marvel Universe. It’s possible that a couple of of those characters will seem within the MCU sooner quite than later, due to occasions on the finish of the brand new film.



Domo flies in his chariot in Eternals comics.

Domo is the identify of the large starship through which the Eternals arrive within the MCU, however within the comics, he is really a personality. Domo debuted in Eternals #5 from 1976. Like the remainder of the Eternals, he is immortal and can’t be killed. His energy past immortality appears equal to that of all different Eternals, together with power, velocity, and stamina. He was principally seen in his capability because the chief administrator of Zuras and he seems typically in a floating chair, not not like Metron, one other Jack Kirby creation from New Gods, considered one of Kirby’s most essential DC Comics works.


Uranos leads his soldiers into war in Marvel Comics.

Uranos is likely one of the oldest Eternals and probably the most {powerful}. Originally, Uranos was like each different Eternal, i.e., immortal and gifted with superhuman power, velocity, and endurance. A new model of him, Uranos the Undying, is about to look in the upcoming Eternals: The Undying miniseries. This model seems to have extra energy, being labeled as “omnigenocidal.” Uranos is the uncle of Thanos, and spearheaded a civil conflict towards different Eternals that in the end exiled him on Titan, the birthplace of Thanos within the comics and MCU.


Valkin fights the Dromedan in Marvel Comics.

Valkin, like the vast majority of most historic Eternals, is past {powerful}. He is immortal, can teleport, and may fly. What units him other than his superhuman brethren is his superior power, which was on full show in a battle towards Thor in Thor Annual #7, a comic book that helped advance the Eternals mythology. Valkin was in a position to combat Thor on his personal, indicating his would possibly was equal to the Asgardians. Valkin can be a superb army strategist and was key within the many battles towards the Deviants over the millennia.


Virako confronts Thor in Marvel Comics.

Virako is the brother of Valkin and the daddy of Ikaris. Virako’s powers mirror that of his individuals. The chief of the Polar Eternals clan is a telepath, can solid illusions, and transmute matter on a molecular scale. He is distinguished from the others and notably his brother by being even stronger than him.

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He proved his extraordinary power towards Thor, however after they settled their variations, Virako turned his consideration to their mutual enemy, the Dromedan, a terrifying creation of the Deviants.


Thanos Mentor Marvel Comics

Mentor is also called A’Lars, the daddy of Thanos, considered one of the most powerful supervillains in the Marvel Universe, A’Lars possesses all of the attributes of the Eternals, together with immortality, stamina, and velocity. His management abilities set him other than others, and he led a faction of Eternals to Titan within the aftermath of the bloody civil wars that outlined their early historical past. Mentor believed in increasing the data and energy of the Eternals past the Celestials’ intent, a proven fact that possible contributed to the greed of his son.


Aurelle uses her powers in Marvel Comics.

Aurelle has extraordinary energy. Somewhat like Sersi, she is ready to manipulate matter and power. Aurelle, who first appeared in New Eternals: Apocalypse Now #1 in 2000, can transmute different objects and folks on the molecular stage, in addition to herself. She is usually rendered as a being of pure power, changing into flame or electrical energy. Along with that, she will be able to fly and teleport huge distances throughout area. This makes her considerably comparable in energy to a few of the most powerful versions of Captain Marvel from the comics.


Hyperion flying in Heroes Reborn.

Comic e book followers possible know Hyperion is considered one of the most powerful members of the Squadron Supreme. They might not know he is really an Eternal as effectively. Virtually invulnerable, in a position to manipulate matter on a cosmic scale, and in a position to hearth devastating atomic beams from his eyes, Hyperion is extraordinarily {powerful} in any universe he units foot in. Hyperion originated on the alternate world of Earth-712, the place he’s the final surviving member of the Eternals in that actuality. He has since crossed over to Earth-616.


Doctor Doom fights the Overmind in Marvel Comics.

The Overmind, also called Grom, is an Eternal from the planet Eyung. He has all the usual powers of the Eternals, that are huge and extraordinary, however he additionally has a broad array of psionic skills that set him other than his variety. Grom can channel his telekinetic power into bodily power, exponentially growing his energy.

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He can learn and management minds and is ready to take action with relative ease towards a number of the strongest superheroes just like the Fantastic Four. He may generate crippling telekinetic blasts that may be lethal.


Zuras is the unique chief of the Eternals and the architect of their civilization on Earth. His powers have been akin to these of all different Eternals, however he was the primary and solely of his variety to ascertain the Uni-Mind. This telepathic hyperlink linked all Eternals and harnessed their powers without delay, creating an omnipotent pressure with few friends within the cosmos. As seen within the film, the Uni-Mind is ready to compete with the actually superior and cosmic energy of the Celestials, the beings that created Zuras and the remainder of the Eternals thousands and thousands of years in the past.


Kronos Marvel

Kronos is considered one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe. In addition to the usual complement of Eternals powers and skills, Kronos additionally possesses cosmic consciousness, which places him on a stage with a being like The Watcher. As his identify suggests, Kronos additionally has some energy over time. He can merge with time and management it in some methods, although the true limits of this have but to be established. Kronos may talk with the lifeless and in some circumstances deliver them again to life.

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