With Speed and Makkari zooming into the MCU in Wandavision and The Eternals, it appears the MCU’s dry spell of Speedsters since Quicksilver’s dying is coming to an finish. Super-speed is an especially entertaining energy to own, making the dearth of Speedsters within the MCU an enormous drawback all through the years.

However, an abundance of Speedsters exists throughout the pages of Marvel Comics that ought to debut within the cinematic universe quickly as both heroes or villains in a plethora of pre-existing or upcoming franchises.


Black Racer

Ariana Saddiqi, higher often known as Black Racer, is a supervillain who possesses the facility of tremendous velocity (which she makes use of to commit heists and battle the likes of Captain America, alongside her group The Serpent Squad).

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Due to her altercations with Sam Wilson within the comics, she could possibly be a possible antagonist for Captain America: New World Order or a future Falcon and The Winter Soldier season. Alongside this, Black Racer may go on to hitch The Thunderbolts in Thunderbolts as an anti-hero attempting to redeem herself for earlier crimes.


Aurora is a mutant member of each The X-Men and Alpha Flight, who possesses the facility of tremendous velocity.

After Ms. Marvel‘s mutant reveal, it will not be lengthy till mutants, equivalent to Aurora, debut within the MCU, identical to Deadpool (who will quickly be a part of the 616 timeline in Deadpool 3). There are loads of totally different tasks Aurora may seem in, equivalent to a future Deadpool or X-Men mission, if not an Alpha Flight solo show or film in some unspecified time in the future sooner or later.

The Whizzer

After mongoose blood was injected into Robert L. Franks’s veins in an try to avoid wasting him from a lethal snake chew, an odd response between his mutant genes and the mongoose blood granted him tremendous velocity, main him to turn out to be the villain The Whizzer (who fought in WW2 and has battled The Avengers within the modern-day).

Jay Klaitz portrayed a closely retconned model of The Whizzer in Jessica Jones. However, this reveals canonicity to the MCU is but to be formally confirmed, that means a extra sinister and critical iteration of the villain may debut in dwell motion, presumably as an adversary to The New Avengers or in prequel tales.

Fast Forward

With a reputation that may be a play on of the DC hero, Buried Alien, AKA Fast Forward, is the quickest speedster to exist in Marvel Comics. Fast Forward suffers from amnesia and is from one other universe, claiming he solely remembers working as quick as he may to avoid wasting his universe.

Due to the MCU’s latest exploration of the multiverse, it might be comparatively straightforward to debut this character within the 616 timeline and have him be the universe’s quickest speedster identical to within the comics. With The Flash releasing quickly, it might be extraordinarily intelligent of Marvel to debut their homage to The Flash in dwell motion, presumably performed by a earlier Flash like Grant Gustin, contemplating it’s implied Fast Forward is definitely DC’s Barry Allen.

The Blur

As a results of a retro-virus, Stanley Stewart gained tremendous velocity and have become the superhero The Blur. He finally went on to join The Squadron Supreme and fought in opposition to the Avengers, clashing with Black Panther within the ultimate confrontation

With rumors circling that the Squadron Supreme could also be getting their very own MCU solo mission, there’s a large probability The Blur could be a part of the group once they debut. There can be an opportunity Stanley Stewart may seem in a future installment of The Black Panther franchise, as a consequence of his affiliations with Africa and the nations superheroes within the comics.

Speed Demon

After making a take care of the grandmaster to be granted tremendous velocity, extraordinary chemist, James Sanders, grew to become Speed Demon; a supervillain who can run at superhuman speeds. Although his early tales have been very cosmic in nature, Speed Demon has turn out to be a extra grounded and low-risk villain lately.

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With Speed Demon primarily dealing with Spider-Man, even becoming a member of The Sinister Syndicate and Sinister Six over time, he’s a worthy antagonist of a future Spider-Man film as a member of both of those groups. There can be the chance this villain may seem in Thunderbolts as a member of the group, as a consequence of his time as a Thunderbolt within the comics.

The Runner

Gilpetperdon is an Elder Of The Universe who has devoted his life to changing into the quickest being in existence with a purpose to obtain his one objective: to be the primary entity to see all the universe. This character is an especially highly effective being and is arguably the quickest character within the Marvel universe, utilizing his talents to battle extraordinarily highly effective villains (equivalent to Thanos).

The Runner may present up in a plethora of cosmic tasks as a consequence of his standing as an Elder Of The Universe and his travels throughout all of house. This character is a good friend of The Silver Surfer and an enemy of both Galactus and Annihilus, that means there’s a small probability he may seem in a future Fantastic Four installment if the group wanted an especially highly effective ally to help them in cosmic fight.


Yo-Yo Rodríguez is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D who goes by the identify Slingshot and possesses the facility of tremendous velocity as a consequence of her father’s mutant DNA. This character appeared in Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D and stars within the present Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Slingshot portrayed by Natalia Córdova-Buckley.

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Depending on the canonicity of Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D, Yo-Yo could have by no means appeared within the official 616 timeline as a consequence of her absence in any MCU motion pictures or Disney + reveals. However, this beloved character deserves to return to display and make her official MCU debut, presumably in a S.H.I.E.L.D-related mission like Secret Invasion, a storyline she is concerned with within the comics, or an X-Men-related mission.


Jean-Paul Beaubier is a mutant speedster and member of each Alpha Flight and The X-Men, who went on to turn out to be a instructor on the Xavier Institute. This hero with a posh and tragic backstory is the dual brother of Aurora, whom he loves very a lot and spends a terrific period of time defending.

Northstar could well debut in a future mutant-related mission within the MCU, becoming a member of groups, equivalent to The X-Men or Alpha Flight. With Quicksilver already lifeless within the MCU timeline, Northstar may take his place as The X-Men’s essential speedster contemplating he’s classed because the quickest mutant. Possibly becoming a member of the group very early on of their MCU arc, with a purpose to differentiate the MCU’s X-Men lineup from the line-up beforehand utilized by Fox.


Hermes is the God of Speed and son of Zeus who acts as a messenger between the Gods. As a member of The Olympians, Hermes relayed messages between The Olympians and The Asgardians once they have been at battle and has an advanced historical past with Thor and Loki.

With relations to Zeus and Hercules, who debuted in Thor: Love and Thunder, it could be attainable for Hermes to debut later within the Thor franchise as an antagonist of Thor, as a consequence of Thor’s try to kill his Father, Zeus. This god-centric franchise is the proper place for Hermes to debut, nevertheless, he additionally has affiliations with The Eternals, The Guardians of The Galaxy, The Avengers, and different groups that means the chances for his debut are countless.

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