Throughout his ten years within the K-Pop trade, BTS Jungkook has been blessed with many phrases of endearment and nicknames by ARMY. As years handed, extra nicknames have surfaced, lifted from RUN BTS episodes, different BTS content material, and conditions Jungkook was in.

Here are the most recent nicknames ARMYs have endearingly coined for Jungkook.

1. Boba Ball

Boba balls are Tapioca balls, these shiny black little balls present in milk tea and different chilly drinks. Jungkook acquired this nickname due to his round-shaped head, which appeared like an ideal boba ball again when he was nonetheless sporting a bowl minimize.

2. Tingting Ball

In their RUN BTS one hundredth episode, as they performed foot volleyball, Jungkook was requested if he was comfortable with utilizing the pink ball he was holding, to which he responded, “Tingting ball?” There was a sure ASMR really feel to how Jungkook enunciated this: ARMYs couldn’t let go of it and added “Tingting Ball” to certainly one of his many nicknames. As proof of its ASMR high quality, there exists a 3-minute video on Youtube of Jungkook saying “tingting ball” on loop.

Fun Fact: Tingting ball means tremendous bouncy ball.

3. Baby Star Candy

This endearing nickname is used every time Jungkook is seen doing one thing lovable or wanting cute.

The nickname began from BTS’s 2020 GAYO DAEJEON Bangtan Bomb, the place Jungkook noticed RM consuming star-shaped candies by himself. Since then, the star-shaped candies acquired related to Jungkook’s cuteness.

4. Giant Baby Villain

During the 2022 Season’s Greetings shoot, Jungkook was proven engaged on a punching bag and hit the bag so strongly that it virtually toppled a close-by lamp stand. The subtitle caption inserted by their video editor was, “it’s a little tough for the giant baby villain to control his power.” The large child villain description so aptly fitted Jungkook, together with his muscular physique but baby-like gestures.

5. Triangle Gimbap

“Triangle Gimbap” took place when BTS went to New Zealand to shoot Bon Voyage 4. Suga observed the similarity of Jungkook’s hair to a triangle gimbap and affectionately joked about it.

Jungkook acknowledged this when he checked his hair in one other episode.

6. Baby Foodie

Another nickname was born from the RUN BTS Editors, specialists at placing out witty and humorous blurbs into the episodes. In RUN BTS Episode 142, Jungkook was nicknamed “Baby Foodie” as he mentioned with chef Baek Jong Won the goodness of napa cabbage when paired with ssamjang.

7. Alphabet Boy

BTS members opened their particular person Instagram accounts on December 6, 2021. While the opposite members caught to utilizing extra widespread references to their IG account names, Jungkook wittily named his account “abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz,” virtually the entire alphabet leaving out the letters “j” and “k.” ARMYs liked the witty illustration of his nickname “JK” and referred to him as “Alphabet Boy.”

Alas, the witty account title was short-lived as a result of by March of this 12 months, Jungkook modified his IG account title to the lesser difficult Jungkook.97.


8. Baby Highness

This new nickname took place when Jungkook began enjoying HYBE‘s latest game, “BTS Island: In The SEOM.” Baby Highness trended in Korea, embraced by ARMYs as a valid, on-point nickname for Jungkook, who has since been referred to with this new endearment.

9. Sundoongie

Suga’s dad affectionately calls Jungkook “Sundoongie,” which suggests light. Considering his light methods, the time period matches Jungkook so properly that ARMYs have tailored the time period as certainly one of Jungkook’s nicknames.

10. Vampire Jungkook

This newest nickname was led to by the photo-folio undertaking showcasing Jungkook’s vampire-like styling and theme. The “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook ‘Time Difference’ Special 8 PhotoFolio” is an 80-page photograph guide crammed with Vampire Jungkook vibes, a welcome deal with for ARMYs. 

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