Even although the latest Fantastic Beasts film didn’t do practically as properly in cinemas because the bosses at Warner Brothers may need appreciated, there’s nonetheless clearly an excessive amount of life left within the Harry Potter franchise as a complete. In half, this stems from simply how thrilling the books stay, even so a few years after the final one hit bookshelves.

However, those that have undertaken a reread of the varied Harry Potter books have additionally needed to cope with the truth that there are some elements of them that don’t maintain up properly to scrutiny in 2022. To take only one instance, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has quite a few points that turn out to be extra apparent with the passage of the years.


The Lavender Brown Incident Is Annoying

Lavender Brown is without doubt one of the extra irritating characters to have been launched into the Harry Potter story. Her romance plot with Ron is cloying and handy, meant to separate Ron from Hermione and to make him notice how she is the one which he actually desires to be with.

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It is, furthermore, a type of moments that feels notably juvenile. While this is smart — the characters are adolescents, in any case — it does make it troublesome to take it critically upon a reread of the sequence.

Harry Is Totally Irresponsible

Harry performs the Sectumsempra on Draco in Harry Potter

Though he may be one of many best characters in the series, Harry is criminally irresponsible in The Half-Blood Prince . Most notably, he begins casting spells at others, with out actually understanding what they’re able to doing.

Obviously, the obvious and practically lethal instance of that is sectumsempra, which he hurls at Draco. While Draco is actually able to doing his personal morally reprehensible deeds on this e-book, this doesn’t excuse Harry’s negligence, since by this level he ought to know higher than to make use of spells with out having a agency information of what they will do.

Horace Slughorn Is Pretty Terrible, Actually

Horace Slughorn holds liquid luck in Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Book followers know that there are many great professors at Hogwarts. However, it turns into clear all through Half-Blood Prince that Horace Slughorn just isn’t one in every of these. Though he may be charming and gregarious, he’s additionally a coward.

It is especially distressing to see simply how lengthy he refuses to provide Harry the data he must find out about Voldemort and his Horcruxes. Given simply how pivotal this info was to the Dark Lord’s eventual defeat, it’s all of the extra revealing that Slughorn selected to privilege his personal vainness above the well-being of the remainder of the Wizarding World.

Once Again Dumbledore Should Have Told Harry More

Dumbledore falling to his death Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

For all that he may be one in every of the most powerful wizards, Dumbledore is somebody who’s, at finest, a deeply morally questionable particular person. This turns into ever clearer because the novels go on, and it’s notably evident in Half-Blood Prince.

Though it should later turn out to be clear that he was dying and thus ordered Snape to kill him to spare Draco’s soul, he reveals none of this to Harry. Instead, as he at all times did, he assumed that shielding Harry was extra vital than the rest, when in actuality simply telling him the reality–or not less than extra of it than he often did–would have been to the younger man’s particular profit.

Snape Also Should Have Been More Forthcoming

An image of Snape standing in a tent in The Half-Blood Prince

Snape is one other character who induced quite a few issues by the truth that he was not practically as forthcoming as he ought to have been. Most notably, he didn’t take any effort to inform Harry of Dumbledore’s injunction.

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Clearly, from the e-book’s perspective, that is meant to make him extra tragic when the reality comes out. A reread, nonetheless, makes it clear that he might have saved himself, and the remainder of the characters, an excessive amount of hassle and heartache if he had simply been sincere about issues to start with.

It’s Messed Up That Dumbledore Doesn’t Try To Stop Draco

Draco cries as he tries to kill Dumbledore in Harry Potter

As one of the vital notable members of Slytherin House, it is smart that Draco could be tasked with killing Dumbledore. However, what is especially distressing to appreciate on a reread is how a lot Dumbledore was conscious of this and but didn’t take steps to really assist Draco.

It is true that he ordered Snape to take his personal life to spare Draco the horror of doing it. One would have thought, nonetheless, that somebody with Dumbledore’s energy would have carried out extra to assist one of many college students in his personal faculty from turning into a pawn within the fingers of Voldemort.

Ron And Hermione’s Romance Is Tedious

Ron and Hermione sat in front of a window in Half Blood Prince

It was clear from the primary e-book that Ron and Hermione have been going to be one of many closing {couples} of the sequence. This turns into extra apparent because the books go on, and it arguably turns into most blatant in Half-Blood Prince.

Given that they’re adolescents, nonetheless, they’ve undergo fairly a little bit of back-and-forth throughout the course of the e-book. While this may be interesting when one reads it as a teen, it’s one thing that doesn’t maintain as much as elevated scrutiny, and it is exasperating to see them behave in the way in which they do.

There Are Too Many Love Potions

Hermione and Ginny looking at love potions in Harry Potter

Given the centrality of the love plots to the story of Half-Blood Prince, the story is full of love potions. This is an issue for not less than two causes. First, it truly is a little bit of a plot contrivance, a way of getting characters to do issues that they might in any other case not achieve this the story can go in helpful instructions.

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More sinisterly, although, all the conceit of a love potion is especially vexing within the post-Me Too period. It’s troublesome to consent when one is underneath the affect of a potion, in any case.

It Doesn’t Feel Enough Like The Penultimate Book

Wands up during Albus Dumbledores Funeral in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Though they’re pleasurable, it must be stated that most of the Harry Potter books undergo from some pacing issues. This is especially true with Half-Blood Prince, which has the vital operate of organising the finale.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t fairly measure up on this regard. Yes, there are some vital plot developments, however in the long run there are just too many unfastened ends that Deathly Hallows has to tie up, which stymies the ultimate quantity’s capacity to essentially tie up the Harry Potter sequence in a manner that feels wholly satisfying.

The Golden Trio Act Out Of Character

Hermione with Ron in the hospital in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter depends on its characters to drive the motion. This is exactly what makes Half-Blood Prince such an exasperating e-book to learn. Many of the characters, most notably Hermione and Ron, act out of character, or not less than they take their traits to extremes.

This is especially evident within the scenes involving Ron and Hermione and their courtship. These moments, whereas seemingly genuine to the e-book’s deal with their adolescent antics, nonetheless signifies that they stop to behave just like the characters that e-book readers have recognized to develop and love up so far.

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