After the dwindling success of the Fantastic Beasts franchise, Warner Bros. revealed that they have been not currently planning on making a fourth film, although they might be keen to work on extra tasks sooner or later set within the Wizarding World. Though followers have expressed curiosity in a collection following the Marauders, the studio is unlikely to greenlight one other prequel anytime quickly. Instead, it appears possible that future Harry Potter tasks will look to the long run.

There is an apparent alternative for a future-oriented mission with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the stage play that follows Harry’s son Albus as he navigates his personal time at Hogwarts. The play remains to be being usually staged in six worldwide areas, and the script has bought hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. However, followers rereading The Cursed Child could discover that they’re confronted with realities they do not wish to face concerning the plot and sure destiny of the collection.


It Ruined Hermione’s Character

In Act 2, Albus and Scorpius’s interventions created a brand new world—one which paints Hermione in a horrible gentle. In a world the place Hermione did not go along with Ron to the Yule Ball, they by no means obtained collectively, and he or she grew to become a merciless professor harking back to Snape.

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This is all horribly out of character, and it suggests a really troubling domino impact. Going by the play, Ron and Hermione’s total relationship hinged on him getting jealous of Krum within the fourth yr. Furthermore, Hermione’s actual nature is reliant on her marrying Ron. These modifications make no sense, they usually take away from each characters’ arcs.

It Relies On Harry Potter’s Worst Plot Hole

Hermione and Harry using the Time-Turner in Harry Potter.

Prisoner of Azkaban launched time journey into the world of Harry Potter, which inherently prompted the query of how there was any semblance of a secure timeline. In the collection, followers assume that there have been limitations on the machine, however the drastically completely different worlds created in Cursed Child counsel that the correct machine might undo something.

J. Ok. Rowling destroyed all of the Time-Turners in Order of the Phoenix to keep away from these questions, but the play’s total plot is dependent upon this Harry Potter plot hole. There are a number of throwaway feedback right here and there to attempt to clarify why completely different Time-Turners work, but it surely nonetheless feels the principles exist to maintain the plot transferring, somewhat than the plot following the principles.

A Movie Version Would Be Unlikely To Include The Original Cast

Harry, Ron, And Hermione laughing in Harry Potter.

Talks of a Cursed Child film started in 2016, however whereas Harry Potter director Chris Columbus said he wish to direct “A version of Cursed Child with Dan, Rupert and Emma at the right age,” the probability of that taking place is reducing. Daniel Radcliffe was explicitly asked about being in The Cursed Child and stated he wasn’t presently in his life.

Emma Watson has reportedly stated that she is going to solely return to the franchise if Rowling shouldn’t be concerned, and Rupert Grint has said he’ll solely return if Radcliffe and Watson are with him. Reading Cursed Child can deliver loads of nostalgia, however there would not appear to be a path to a movie model with the unique forged any time quickly.

The Characters Have Never Been Cast Age-Appropriately

Scorpius and Albus talking in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

One of the very best components of the Harry Potter movies was attending to see the actors develop up together with their characters, and followers need that very same factor in a possible sequel. Albus and Scorpius are each eleven in the beginning of Cursed Child, however they age as much as fourteen by the top of the primary act. However, Sam Clemmett was 23 when he performed Albus, and Anthony Boyle, who performed Scorpius, was 22.

This is comprehensible for the stage, but it surely does restrict how efficient it may be to think about the occasions occurring to a baby. This was one of many fundamental issues the Disney+ Percy Jackson series is having to fix from its movie model, and it is one thing that retains the story from being as impactful because it could possibly be.

It Is Already Set In The Past

Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the Harry Potter epilogue.

Though the Harry Potter books have been printed from 1997 to 2007, they have been set primarily within the decade earlier than that. The Epilogue, which serves because the beginning place for Cursed Child, is about in 2017. Even given the present’s time jumps, the principle occasions happen in 2020. This causes two main issues.

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There was at all times an understanding that whereas Harry Potter is fictional, it might have been actual. However, given the modifications the actual world confronted with Covid-19, the play now must be set in an alternate universe. Additionally, studying Cursed Child with the understanding that it’s already previously, the unique Harry Potter collection finally ends up feeling dated.

Many Beloved Cast Members Have Passed Away

Snape in Harry Potter.

One of the very best parts of Cursed Child is the way it elicits nostalgia. While it follows Albus and Scorpius, readers get to revisit the Triwizard Tournament, Halloween 1981, and main characters like Hagrid, Vernon Dursley, and Snape. For those that grew to become followers of the collection by means of the books, that’s thrilling to have the ability to do.

However, film followers are going to have a more difficult time with it. Robbie Coltrane, Richard Griffiths, and Alan Rickman’s deaths hit the fandom laborious, and seeing their characters return without the actors could be painful. Reading the script can deliver again the ache that their deaths triggered.

How Scorpius And Albus’s Relationship Is Portrayed

Albus and Scorpous in Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The Harry Potter franchise would not have an important history with LGBT+ characters, and Cursed Child isn’t any exception. Albus and Scorpius have an especially shut bond all through the play, just for Scorpius to randomly be paired with Rose within the last act. Albus and Scorpius are each jealous of one another’s romantic pursuits, and Snape compares their bond to his love for Lily.

What’s most telling is that the One Part model of the play makes their relationship canon—however that is not the model followers can learn. As followers reread the play, they might discover that the way in which Albus and Scorpius have been written is just too near what might have been to be correctly entertaining.

Some Fanfiction Is Better

Harry and Draco dueling in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Though the Harry Potter books were not always written well, a big portion of the fandom has determined that The Cursed Child is “bad fanfiction.” And there are moments that really feel like they play quick and unfastened with characterization and the principles of the Wizarding World for the sake of the convoluted plot.

While this may be acceptable if Cursed Child was the one factor on the market, the Harry Potter group has been writing fanfiction for a really very long time. There are at the moment 386,693 Harry Potter tales in Archive of Our Own. For those that learn fanfiction typically, it will not be laborious to discover a fanwork that has all the pieces Cursed Child has, however that does it higher.

Delphi’s Parentage Makes No Sense

Bellatrix and Voldemort stand together in Harry Potter

In Act 3, the characters uncover that Delphi is the kid of Bellatrix and Voldemort who was raised by Euphemia Rowle. But that does not make a lot sense given what followers know of the unique collection. Though Bellatrix was fiercely dedicated to Voldemort, there isn’t any indication that he had any need to sleep together with her.

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Delphi explains that she was born at Malfoy Manor earlier than the Battle of Hogwarts, but Bellatrix actually did not appear pregnant in March when the Trio obtained taken to the Manor. If Bellatrix have been carrying Voldemort’s little one, she would have been radiating satisfaction, somewhat than nonetheless being determined for his approval. It would not work with the timeline, and it would not work with the characterization.

It Fundamentally Misunderstood Harry’s Character

Harry Potter hugging his son Albus.

Harry was raised in an abusive family, determined for a father determine that might fill the opening his dad and mom left. He was proven repeatedly to see previous variations in character and beliefs to befriend those that wanted it. Yet, in Cursed Child, he’s merciless to his son, retains him from his pals, and is extremely controlling. None of that is consistent with the character followers grew up with.

Harry instructed Albus, “there are times I wish you weren’t my son.” Harry had moments of anger within the authentic books, however he would by no means say these phrases. He had prejudices towards Slytherins, however Albus’s center identify is meant to show that he moved previous that. By making Harry act that means, Cursed Child successfully created a brand new character and gave him the identify “Harry Potter.”

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