For each Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hades, there’s additionally Assassin’s Creed Unity and Balan Wonderworld. Depending on the title, online game disasters might be simply as well-known as successes.

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While a few of these failures are merely mediocre or not fulfilling, others are so hilariously horrible that they change into entertaining and enjoyable in their very own means. Similar to movies like The Roomthese video games typically change into cult classics due to the comedic and interesting enjoyment they invoke in gamers.

Typical Nightmare

A screenshot from the game Typical Nightmare

Released in 2018, Typical Nightmare is an indie horror title that claims to be quite a bit deeper and extra thought-provoking than it really is. The sport follows a younger man named John who lives in a run-down house along with his companion, Jane. After he goes to sleep one night time, John turns into trapped in his desires by an unknown being who taunts him. To escape his countless nightmare, he should confront his inside demons.


Despite the pretty attention-grabbing premise, the sport shortly turns into extra hilarious than scary because the participant encounters an almost incomprehensible narrative stuffed with surprisingly worded dialogue, horrible voice performing, pre-made property, and game-breaking glitches. After about an hour of unintentional comedic nonsense, the sport ends with the whole in-game forged going up on stage for a curtain name.


Pepsiman running on a street in the epynomous video game

Though the 2009 endless-runner sport Canabalt was a the primary flash game that pushed its genre into the general public eye, a number of comparable video games did exist years beforehand, a number of comparable video games existed years beforehand, together with the 1999 Japan-only PS1 motion title PepsimanCreated to promote the favored carbonated comfortable drink Pepsi, the sport follows the titular superhero Pepsiman as he saves the day by delivering cans of Pepsi to thirsty people.

Since Pepsiman by no means stops operating, the participant should navigate via a number of levels and keep away from obstacles by leaping over, sliding underneath, and dashing away from hazards. In between the levels, the participant will get to look at live-action FMV cutscenes of an American man consuming more and more ludicrous quantities of Pepsi. Along with the foolish premise, the sport can be identified for having 3D fashions created by online game director Kotaro Uchikoshi, who’s finest identified for writing the Zero Escape collection.

Chaos Wars

One of the main characters, Hayatemaru, talking in the game Chaos Wars

Created as a crossover between the online game corporations Idea Factory, Atlus, RED Entertainment, and Aruze, Chaos Wars is a 2006 PS2 tactical JRPG that’s identified for its incomprehensible story and hilariously unhealthy voice performing. After three odd highschool college students named Hyōma, Shizuku, and Hayatemaru skip faculty to discover a supposedly magical cave, the trio will get transported to a different world referred to as Endia. Then, they need to collect allies and discover particular keys in order that they’ll return dwelling.

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While the gameplay is abysmal and the plot feels prefer it’s held collectively by duck tape, Chaos Wars has remained a memorable title for its comedic voice performing. With weirdly translated dialogue and a forged that always sounds incorrect, it is typically thought of one of many worst examples of voice performing in online game historical past.

Hard Time

A screenshot from the Steam version of the 2013 iOS remake of the game Hard Time

Released in 2006, Hard Time is a jail simulator the place the participant should survive their sentence within the Southtown Correctional Facility, which is thought for being an extremely harmful and presumably lethal jail. After the participant creates their very own distinctive character, they’re able to discover the big facility, work on totally different expertise, work together with the various NPCs, and primarily develop their character nonetheless they need.

Similar to the developer’s different outstanding title The You TestamentHard Time is infamous for its hilariously horrible NPC AI, which frequently causes NPCs to get into fights for completely no motive. While this was initially an under-the-radar life simulation game, it grew to become extra well-known after outstanding YouTubers started making playthroughs of it. In 2013, a 2D remake was created for cellular platforms.

Animation Magic’s Legend of Zelda Duology

Back in 1990, the Dutch digital firm Philips launched the Compact Disc-Interactive (CD-i), which is now thought of considered one of the worst video game consoles ever made. Despite the product being primarily made for edutainment and enterprise software program, the console has change into most identified for its comedically unhealthy video games. Some of essentially the most well-known examples of this are the 2 Legend of Zelda titles created by Animation Magic: Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon.

The studio was tasked with creating these titles regardless of having an especially small price range, a horrible console to work with, and barely any expertise. Since Philips informed the studio that they should have FMV cutscenes, they needed to rent outsourced Russian animators to create them. Years later, these iconic cutscenes grew to become beloved memes, and lots of YouTube customers have created edited variations in mashups referred to as a “YouTube Poop.”

The Ring: Terror’s Realm

The Ring: Terror's Realm Video Game

Based on the Ring collection of novels, which additionally impressed the enduring Ring horror movies, The Ring: Terror’s Realm is a survival horror sport launched in 2000 for the Dreamcast. This obscure horror game follows a younger lady named Meg Rainman who has simply been employed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Meg’s boyfriend, Robert, had mysteriously died whereas engaged on a program known as “RING” on the CDC, and she or he obtained the job so she may uncover what occurred.

As the participant begins to ask themself how Meg may’ve been employed when her boyfriend was simply a part of an enormous conspiracy, they’re shortly uncovered to a low-quality monitor stuffed with seemingly random notes. With bizarre character fashions, hilarious dialogue, clunky controls, and a wierd plot, this sport goes in all kinds of entertaining instructions.

Escape from Bug Island

Michelle talking in the game Escape from Bug Island

Created by the Japanese developer Spike, who would later merge with Chunsoft to change into Spike Chunsoft, Escape from Bug Island is a 2006 survival horror sport launched for the Wii. In this sport, gamers management a younger man named Ray who travels to the titular Bug Island along with his buddies Michelle and Mike as a result of Michelle actually likes bugs. After the trio will get separated, Ray goes on a dangerous journey to seek out his buddies.

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Although the premise of an island stuffed with big bugs is already unusual sufficient, the plot finally has the participant time journey and battle towards Lovecraftian monsters, too. By the top, gamers will really feel as in the event that they’ve simply woken up from a bug-bite-induced fever dream.

Limbo of the Lost

A screenshot of Benjamin Briggs in the game Limbo of the Lost

Released in 2007 after being in improvement for nearly 20 years, Limbo of the Lost is a horror point-and-click journey sport that follows Captain Benjamin Briggs, who was a real-life sea captain that mysteriously disappeared within the 1800s together with the remainder of his crew on the Mary Celeste. In this sport, Briggs leads to Limbo, and the participant should assist each him and Destiny defeat Fate.

Even although the unusual plot, cutscenes, and voice performing already make this an attention-grabbing title, the sport ripped off or plagiarized nearly all the things it does. While taking part in it, it is fascinating to see what number of totally different video games have been in some way stitched collectively.

The Mystery of the Druids

A screenshot from the game The Mystery of the Druids

Released in 2001, The Mystery of the Druids is a supernatural thriller point-and-click journey sport that follows Scotland Yard Detective Brent Halligan as he “tries” to analyze a collection of brutal murders referred to as the “Skeleton Murders.” After doing numerous unrelated actions, he unintentionally uncovers a conspiracy involving a bunch of magical druids with the assistance of anthropologist Dr. Melanie Turner.

Besides having a weird plot that finally has Halligan touring via time to cease 5 evil infants, the sport is usually identified for its memes. The exaggerated face on the field artwork and the truth that Halligan’s rival detective, Steve Lowry, inexplicably floats above his chair each have change into well-known memes even by people who’ve by no means performed the sport.

Deadly Premonition

Emily and York in the open-world survival horror game Deadly Premonition

Inspired by Twin Peaks, the 2010 open-world thriller horror sport Deadly Premonition is presumably the very best instance of a sport that is so unhealthy it is good. After 18-year-old Anna Graham is murdered within the rural city of Greenvale, FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan makes an attempt to resolve the case.

As with any Twin Peaksesque story, the sport is stuffed with many bizarre characters and complicated plot components. Although the gameplay has its points, it obtained a powerful cult following and obtained a sequel in 2020.

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