After Seth MacFarlane’s debut characteristic Ted turned an enormous hit — particularly for an R-rated comedy, it was a no brainer for Universal to greenlight a sequel. According to CinemaBlend, the unique script for the Ted sequel – which revolved round Ted and John driving a cargo of weed throughout the nation – needed to be scrapped when the equally plotted We’re the Millers turned a field workplace hit in 2013.

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While Ted 2 wasn’t the monster success that its predecessor was, it was nonetheless a welcome return to the speaking teddy bear with loads of laugh-out-loud moments.

10 “I Think I Wanna Sleep On A Bed Made Of Your Voice.” – Ted

Morgan Freeman as a civil rights lawyer in Ted 2

One of the numerous high-profile superstar cameos in Ted 2 is Morgan Freeman because the civil rights lawyer who might present Ted’s greatest likelihood of proving his human standing and having his marriage reinstated.

From The Shawshank Redemption to March of the Penguins, Freeman is usually employed to do voiceover narration as a result of he has a wealthy, partaking voice. Ted sums up how all moviegoers really feel about Freeman’s charming voice on this line from Ted 2.

9 “It’s This New Strain My Dealer Gave Me Called ‘Help Me Get Home.’” – Sam

Amanda Seyfried in 'Ted 2'

The Ted sequel follows up on the primary film’s gag about pot strains with paranoia-inducing names like “Gorilla Panic” and “They’re Coming, They’re Coming.” This time round, they sound much more paranoid, with names like “How Long Has That Van Been There?” and “Help Me Get Home.”

The “Help Me Get Home” one is paid off when John really wants Ted and Sam’s assist getting house. He clutches to the aspect of each constructing on the best way again to his condominium.

8 “A Perfect Spiral!” – John

Ted and John in Tom Brady's bedroom in Ted 2

The inciting incident of Ted 2 is Ted and Tami-Lynn deciding to have a child. Before making an attempt to undertake, they search out a sperm donor. Naturally, the primary donor they enquire about is NFL legend Tom Brady.

When Brady throws Ted out of his home, Ted soars by means of the air like a soccer taking pictures throughout a discipline. An awestruck John feedback on the “perfect spiral” of Brady’s throw – although the factor he’s throwing is his greatest good friend.

7 “You People Are Monsters!” – Improv Comic

An improv comedy show in Ted 2

When they’re feeling down, Ted and John go to an improv comedy present with the only goal of bringing down the temper by shouting out wildly inappropriate solutions.

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The comics attempt to play them off and transfer on by saying, “Okay, I heard Starbucks,” however John shortly shouts out, “Nobody said Starbucks!” Eventually, one of many comics snaps and calls out the “monsters” inflicting bother within the crowd.

6 “His Name’s F*** Scott Fitzgerald?!” – Ted

Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, and Amanda Seyfried in 'Ted 2'

Ted and John criticize Sam for not understanding their popular culture references, however she says that her cultural body of reference is simply extra refined than theirs. They ask for an instance and she or he tells them she appreciates the works of Great Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A baffled John asks, “Why are you saying f*** him?” Ted provides, “You just said F. Scott Fitzgerald. I mean, what did Scott Fitzgerald do to you?” Sam tries to make clear that that’s simply his identify, however that simply confuses Ted much more as he thinks the creator’s identify is “F*** Scott Fitzgerald.”

5 “Sorry You Have To Deal With That.” – Star Wars Fan

Star Wars cosplayers in Ted 2

When Ted, John, and Sam arrive in New York, they see a bunch of Star Wars followers dressed as Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, and a Stormtrooper crossing the road. Ted and John get right into a heated argument with the cosplayers earlier than Sam tells them, “Bite me, Captain Kirk!”

When Sam reveals that she doesn’t know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, the cosplayers empathize with Ted and John for having to “deal with that.”

4 “As An Actor, You Rely On Subtle Facial Changes And Cues From Your Co-Stars. You Don’t Get That With A Car.” – David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff's cameo appearance in Ted 2

The first two acts of Ted 2 are crammed to the brim with superstar cameos, however the third act takes these cameos to a different stage as Ted goes to New York Comic-Con.

He wanders right into a Knight Rider panel the place a fan asks David Hasselhoff concerning the challenges of appearing reverse a automobile. Hasselhoff explains that an actor’s work depends on the refined cues handed on by their co-stars, offering the sort of nuance that cars are incapable of.


3 “You Are Messing With Powers You Do Not Understand!” – John

When Ted is in court docket making an attempt to show he’s a human being and the jury doesn’t appear to be on his aspect, he tells John it could be “time to play the Beetlejuice card.” He means it’s time to say Betelgeuse’s identify thrice to make the freelance poltergeist performed by Michael Keaton in Tim Burton’s film seem within the courtroom.

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John is vehemently towards taking part in the Beetlejuice card: “Are you f****** crazy? We don’t want that guy running around in here!” When Ted tries to say his identify thrice, John furiously interrupts him and tells him to “cut the s***!”

2 “So, If I Purchase These Trix, There’ll Be No Trouble?” – Grocery Store Customer

Liam Neeson buys cereal in Ted 2

Liam Neeson makes a cameo look in Ted 2 as a grocery retailer buyer with the identical grizzled edge and hard-boiled paranoia as his motion film antiheroes like Taken’s Bryan Mills. As he brings a field of Trix to Ted’s checkout, he treats shopping for cereal marketed for youngsters with grave seriousness.

Since the slogan is, “Trix are for kids,” Neeson wonders if there might be any “trouble” when he, an grownup, purchases them. He asks, “I won’t be followed?” and Ted assures him, “That’s not in our budget.” This gag is hilariously paid off in the post-credits scene as a crushed and bloodied Neeson returns the Trix to the grocery retailer.

1 “Hashtag S*** Happens!” – Ted

Ted 2 - Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane

There’s a operating joke all through the film involving Ted and John snapping footage of one another at their worst moments – like John being coated in semen after a careless mishap at a sperm financial institution – and posting them on social media with ironic hashtags.

This joke is paid off within the remaining line of the film when Ted tosses a full diaper at John, then takes a photograph of him and provides it the hashtag “s*** happens.”

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