With What If…?  returning for season 2 in 2023, Marvel definitely does have some stable trendy animation credit. However, DC has largely gained the comics conflict on the subject of cartoons.

The one Marvel collection that has pumped out a number of high-quality cartoons within the final 20 years is X-Men, with Wolverine and the X-Men and X-Men: Evolutions each being unbelievable works. If the 2 had been mixed, and becoming DC cartoon characters with mutant-like powers received to be X-Men, there can be no higher cartoon on the market.


10 Plastic Man

Despite not being one of many characters most closely related to the JLA, Plastic Man is one of the Justice League’s best characters each time he is given the highlight he deserves.

While the X-Men in cartoons are often portrayed as of their mid to late teenagers, there are additionally usually characters like Storm and Beast which can be absolutely fledged grownup mutants. Plastic Man can be a welcome addition to this group of characters, and his interactions with mutants like Wolverine can be hilarious to see.

9 Matter-Eater Lad

Matter-Eater Lad was one of many stranger minor characters in Legion of Superheroes, with the surprisingly overpowered means to eat completely something and every part.

While he was principally used as a joke character within the cartoons, Matter-Eater Lad has had some unbelievable moments in comics. His age and weird powers would make him an ideal match within the X-Men as a minor character. In specific, it would be hilarious to see Matter-Eater Lad’s help consuming whole metallic hunks in a battle with Magneto.

8 Jinx

Jinx was each a villain and a vital member of the Teen Titans, one of animation’s best supergroups, all through the acclaimed collection. In specific, her relationship with Kid Flash was one of many higher minor storylines.

Mutant powers like Jinx’s aren’t remarkable in X-Men, and she or he’d have been a unbelievable alternative for Scarlet Witch. Wanda is fairly closely ingrained within the Avengers and MCU, that means a brand new sorceress sort can be an ideal addition to switch her function inside the X-Men.

7 Aqualad

One of the choose few to be the chief of the “The Team” in Young Justice, Aqualad was a fearless chief. Similar to Robin from Teen Titans, Aqualad even pretended to vary sides for a time to assist save his associates.

While Aquaman and Namor varieties have been ridiculed and parodied in loads of superhero media, Aqualad’s hydromancy talents really feel like a really grounded mutant energy that would slot in effectively with the X-Men. His unbelievable dynamic with Nightwing in Young Justice would additionally translate effectively to the kind of friendship he may have with Cyclops.

6 Kid Flash

Kid Flash has made an look in loads of superhero media, however the sidekick of Flash is finest recognized for his charismatic portrayals in Young Justice and Teen Titans.

The quippy speedster would admittedly have some diminishing returns within the X-Men universe, courtesy of Quicksilver, however two speedsters on reverse sides are nothing new in comics. Should Quicksilver, as he usually has been in X-Men animation, be portrayed for his extra villainous facet, Kid Flash would have made an important foil.

5 Timber Wolf

Legion of Superheroes introduced loads of unbelievable younger heroes, however one hero, particularly, would have an particularly attention-grabbing place within the X-Men world: Timber Wolf.

Timber Wolf is definitely a mutant in Legion of Superheroes, though a mutant by scientific experimentation moderately than genetics. Were the highly effective wolfman within the X-Men, he’d have a captivating relationship with one character particularly: Beast. Henry McCoy could possibly be a unbelievable mentor and father determine to the troubled Timber Wolf, and so they’d have a lot to empathize with.

4 Terra

Terra is each essentially the most difficult and underrated Teen Titans characters within the authentic collection. Her relationship to each Beast Boy and Slade made her fascinating to look at.

In the X-Men, Terra can be a unbelievable mutant with earth powers. She’d be a far superior inclusion to an X-Men cartoon than Avalanche from X-Men: Evolutions, who served as a reasonably mediocre subject chief to the Brotherhood of Mutants and odd love curiosity to Kitty Pride. Terra, nevertheless, can be a powerful and highly effective inclusion to the franchise.

3 Static

The protagonist of Static Shock and a minor hero in Young Justice, Static is likely one of the coolest superheroes with electrical powers. While most younger superhero exhibits centered on teams or already large names, Static carried his present by himself on charisma and depth.

Unlike many DC heroes who usually tackle planetary threats, Static usually operates on a really native degree. Along along with his finest good friend and crime-fighting accomplice Gear, Static felt extra on an X-Men degree scale in his present. Personality-wise, each Static and Gear would add numerous enjoyable and informal vitality to an X-Men cartoon.

2 Brainiac 5

One of the principle characters of Legion of Superheroes, Brainiac 5 is the descendent of one of many JLA’s biggest enemies: Brainiac. Brainiac 5 is also one of the greatest cartoon robots on the market.

It’s a disgrace that no X-Men cartoon has a stable robotic character, given the unbelievable expertise on the planet. DC is already filled with unbelievable robots and cyborgs, however many of the nice robotic characters within the Marvel universe are villains. Brainiac 5 would supply the X-Men an attention-grabbing n0n-mutant and one thing Marvel as an entire is missing: an important robotic.

1 Beast Boy

Arguably essentially the most beloved character within the authentic Teen Titans cartoon, Beast Boy was a former Doom Patrol member who turned the lovable coronary heart of the Teen Titans.

Beast Boy’s powers would match completely within the X-Men world. Not solely would he be a novel character personality-wise and power-wise, however he would have all types of nice attainable interactions immediately. He and Nightcrawler may relate to their appearances, and he’d be a handful for Cyclops and Wolverine to attempt to hold in line.

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