When individuals consider the Alien franchise, a number of names spring to thoughts. Ridley Scott helped to springboard the franchise, and directed the current prequels, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. On the opposite hand, James Cameron, David Fincher, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed the opposite movies within the franchise.

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However, Neill Blomkamp, finest identified for his work on District 9, was slated to work on an Alien sequel, with large amounts of concept art surfacing over time. While this challenge was finally canceled, there are a selection of attention-grabbing information surrounding it nonetheless out there to the general public.


Sigourney Weaver Was Very Interested

alien tv series ripley fx

Sigourney Weaver, enjoying her iconic role as Ellen Ripley, is likely one of the Alien franchise’s most vital characters. As such, her curiosity within the challenge was an enormous boon earlier than its cancellation. Blomkamp himself was interested in her potential involvement. According to an interview, “I also felt bad for Sigourney because she was really into what I had brought forward,” he says. “I felt like [for] audiences who liked Aliens, there was a chance to do yet one more movie with Sigourney in a approach which will have satiated what individuals had been on the lookout for and what I believe I used to be on the lookout for.

The Movie Would Be A Sequel To Aliens



Between the core movies, spinoffs, prequels, comics, video video games, and extra, the universe and timeline of Alien’s world may be complicated. However, Blomkamp’s movies would stake out its personal place within the timeline. Instead of being linked to Alien 3 or its sequel, Alien Resurrection, the cancelled movie could be a sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens. This would have allowed Blomkamp to comply with his personal concepts, as a substitute of being tied into what was written earlier than. 

The Prometheus Timeline Would Have Been Ignored

Ridley Scott’s latest installments to the alien franchise, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, have maybe finished greater than every other media to obfuscate the franchise’s historical past. However, Blomkamp’s movie would have damaged away from the prequels. Not solely would this permit the movie to not have to interact with the considerably convoluted story of these two movies, however would have allowed it extra simply set up its personal identification. 

Ripley Would Have Worn a Biomechanical Suit

Alien: Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in a space suit.

Some of probably the most evocative artwork for Blomkamp’s movie includes an odd new search for Ellen Ripley. In a number of items of artwork, Ripley is proven as carrying an odd go well with of armor. The armor immediately evokes the looks of the xenomorphs, the titular aliens of the franchise. Including all the things from a black carapace to a clear visor just like the xenomorph from Alien, the armor strikes an imposing design for Ripley, even whether it is unknown why she would put on it. 

Chappie Might Have Doomed the Movie

Robot Chappie pointing gun in movie of the same name

Some Concept Art Evokes Alien Resurrection

Alien Resurrection Alternate Ending Paris Burning

Alien Resurrection is the oft forgotten ultimate installment of the primary alien movies. Taking place a whole bunch of years after the three films previous it, Alien Resurrection follows a crew of mercenaries, in addition to a clone of Ripley. However, as divisive as it may be, the movie nonetheless has many iconic scenes, notably together with a chase between the principle characters and xenomorphs that takes place largely underwater. It seems that Blomkamp’s idea pulled even from this, as a chunk of idea artwork exhibits. In it, Ripley stands neck-deep in a pool of water, surrounded by the secretions xenomorphs use to construct nests. Not solely does this immediately evoke Alien Resurrection, but it surely exhibits extra of the darkish one the movie was clearly gunning for. 

A Xenomorph Queen Would Play A Huge Role

Ripley facing the Alien queen

Xenomorph Queens are a well-known side of the Alien franchise. Massive in measurement, a Xenomorph Queen took half in one of many franchise’s most well-known scenes, the place Ripley fights one with a piece of futuristic Alien construction equipment. Several items of idea artwork prominently function a Xenomorph Queen. While a number of present the queen working by means of numerous environments, one other exhibits Ripley about to interact one in fight, whereas carrying a go well with that appears suspiciously like a xenomorph itself. 

A Derelict Would Play A Huge Role

Derelict from Alien

The Alien franchise kicks off when the crew of the vessel the Nostromo uncover a derelict, a large alien craft. Incredibly putting, derelicts have made appearances in future Alien movies, together with Prometheus. However, a chunk of artwork exhibits a derelict inside an enormous facility, evidently being studied by human scientists. As a widely known piece of Alien iconography, seeing a derelict in idea artwork exhibits how a lot this movie would have paid homage to earlier movies within the collection.

The Film Might Taken Place In A Space Station

Films throughout the Alien franchise have taken place in a bevy of places. From enormous spaceships to penal colonies and alien worlds, the settings of the franchise have typically contributed simply as a lot to the horror because the xenomorphs themselves. Concept artwork for the cancelled movie exhibits a number of attention-grabbing settings which may have made it into the ultimate product.

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For instance, some artwork exhibits a large skyscraper within the midst of a bustling metropolis, whereas one other exhibits a facility that appears very similar to an off-coast mining rig. However, one other piece exhibits a large, cylindrical house station. While the online game Alien: Isolation befell on a large house station, no movie has been but, making this an attention-grabbing departure for the collection. 

New Xenomorph Variants Would Be Featured

Throughout the alien franchise, new variants of xenomorphs have made fixed appearances. From the basic Xenomorph queen, to the Deacon of Prometheus, to the canid “runner” of Alien 3, many of those variants are virtually as iconic because the xenomorphs themselves. As such, it’s no shock that Blomkamp’s movie would have featured a brand new xenomorph variant. Concept artwork exhibits among the oddest xenomorphs but, with pale our bodies, very similar to the neomorphs from Alien Covenant. Unlike the neomorphs, nevertheless, these variants are proven as having further limbs, with a number of having a number of elongated heads, making for a very terrifying design.

Androids Would Have Been Major Threats

Ash the Android from Alien

The androids of the Alien franchise have been virtually as ubiquitous because the xenomorphs themselves. With their white blood and diverse motives, androids stand out, even amongst their robotic brethren from different franchises. As such, it ought to come as no shock that idea artwork exhibits the androids’ return. One piece of artwork exhibits an android attacking an armed guard, suggesting a extra villainous function for the humanoid robots. Another picture exhibits Ripley ijnteracting with {a partially} dissembled android, additionally displaying a connection to the protagonist. 

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