Jordan Peele’s Nope is already being hailed as the most effective horror films of 2022, and whereas followers are loving the brand new tackle sci-fi horror, they’re nonetheless trying to the previous for the following blockbuster horror film.

While the horror style is infamous for revisiting and transforming movies which have already been achieved, not each reboot has gotten the story proper, and a few horror classics have not gotten a second probability at reputation. Horror lovers have sounded off on Reddit about their favourite horror tales and whether or not their favourite films ought to get one other probability on the large display and streaming.


10 The Shining (1980)

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining terrified audiences when it was launched in theaters. However, some Redditors assume the psychological horror/thriller wants a remake. Redditor JohnLocke815 stated, “I’d love an accurate R-rated The Shining. I’m not a fan of Kubrick’s movie; I feel it strayed too far from the book.”

While that is broadly thought to be an unpopular opinion, some followers agree, primarily as a result of they need to see the film in theaters once more, and Stephen King did not like Kubrick’s model. With the expertise and results of 2022, the movie may very well be much more terrifying than the primary version.

9 Silent Hill (2006)

Silent Hill has one among the scariest horror movie characters ever. The movies had been based mostly on the favored horror online game, and whereas they had been terrifying, followers weren’t completely pleased with the ultimate product and wished a greater remake.

Redditor parfumbabe stated,” SH1, the movie wasn’t awful, but for fans of SH, it was a slap in the face. The guy who made it wanted to after just playing a few hours of sh and found it creepy. He made a film based on what he thought it was about, which, you know, is fine to an extent, but when your interpretation of the game is just flat out wrong…” A extra correct interpretation of the video games could be nicely obtained by viewers, and sufficient time has handed that the film would really feel recent.

8 Jaws (1975)

Jaws made everybody afraid to get into the water when it hit theaters. The ocean horror sequence began on a excessive notice however finally turned so excessive that followers could not get into the sequels. However, Jaws has maintained a stable fan base who largely really feel the movie ought to by no means be remade.

Still, Redditor PricklyPickledPie shared their unpopular opinion, “I would love to see a Jaws remake. Could use the same plot, same characters, same setting, everything. Keep it minimalist like the original.” A brand new tackle Jaws could be dangerous, however the well-known shark may make a splash in theaters once more with new animatronics.

7 The Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

The Creature From The Black Lagoon is one among Universal Studios’ classic horror films that helped the studio develop into a powerhouse. Even although Universal has remade a few of its traditional horror movies like The Invisible Man, to followers’ dismay, they’ve but to revisit the Black Lagoon.

Reddit consumer boredinlink stated, “Honestly, I see them doing a period piece for Creature From The Black Lagoon in the very near future… I think they fear schlock because they’re afraid of bad reviews and low attendance. The thing is, a schlocky film would definitely draw audiences.” A remake of this movie could be one thing totally different for the studio and will usher in a brand new period of iconic horror characters.

6 Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

While it is probably not one of many best-made films of all time, Killer Klowns from Outer Space has an distinctive degree of campiness that was common for ’80s horror however now make the movies too cringe to be scary. With new expertise and higher make-up practices, a reboot of this movie may very well be extra terrifying and introduce audiences to a horror storyline that hasn’t been achieved in just a few many years.

As Reddit consumer, Ok_Fox_1770 stated, “Killer Klowns from outer space in the right hands could be something magical.” Clowns are at all times scary, however alien clowns may very well be genuinely terrifying with a recent take.

5 Phantasm (1979)

Graveyards and mortuaries are scary sufficient however add in a supernatural caretaker, and you’ve got the horror traditional Phantasm. Phantasm’s distinctive idea helped make it common within the 70s however hasn’t been revisited lately.

Redditor Holku stated, “I think Phantasm could be done really well today,” Phantasm closely relied on particular results, which might be higher severed with present-day expertise versus the tech initially used. The movie’s gore degree is appreciated extra by horror followers of right this moment than when it was initially launched, which may very well be a consider a profitable reboot.

4 Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Rosemary’s Baby was an enormous hit when it was first launched in theaters, however since its debut, no remakes have graced the silver display. With the rise of horror films taking over extra psychological warfare model scare ways, it is a marvel how a movie a couple of younger girl slowly dropping her thoughts whereas additionally carrying the satan’s child hasn’t made its approach again to the large display.

Redditor RXL stated, “I want to see original stories, but if I had to pick one, I wouldn’t mind a Rosemary’s Baby remake set in modern-day NYC.” Advancements in CGI may make for terrifying nightmare sequences and encounters with the satan that disturbed audiences over 50 years in the past.

3 The Birds (1963)

The Birds is actually a movie of its time however has continued to be a staple within the horror film world. Redditor Healthy_Possession_2 stated, “My biggest problem is how the characters act like complete idiots.”

Even although Alfred Hitchcock is known for his smart characters, The Birds would not hit the mark. A brand new reboot with higher particular results and characters which can be written with a bit extra brains may convey the traditional horror film again to its former reputation and refresh among the greatest tropes of traditional horror.

2 The Fall Of The House Of Usher (1960)

Classic horror literature has largely been forgotten by filmmakers and hasn’t gotten a movie adaptation in a number of years. With the unique movie together with the king of traditional horror, Vincent Price, as one of many leads, a remake would have huge footwear to movie, however that hasn’t stopped followers from asking for a reboot.

Redditor aubska stated, “I saw that film in middle school English class, and it made me fall in love with Edgar Allen Poe’s work. There really needs to be more Poe and Lovecraftian horror.” Even although the unique story is a traditional, the shortage of gothic literature getting used for inspiration would make the film appear recent and new.

1 Friday The thirteenth (1980)

Friday The 13th could also be one of the best summer camp movies, however the sequence misplaced credit score when it left Camp Crystal Lake and went to New York, Space, and Hell. With so many films already within the sequence, it’s shocking that followers need one other probability to see the masked ax-wielder on the large display once more. Redditor YTKingDoublePump stated, “I desperately want another Friday movie with all these other horror classics being rebooted‼️” Filmmakers tried to convey Jason again within the mid-2000s, however low interest and poor box office performance killed the hopes of furthering the sequence and a recent begin for the movies.

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