Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness featured plenty of fan-favorite characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, (and from exterior the established MCU as effectively) because the multiverse begins to crumble round them, due partly to the meddling of each Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch.

While Multiverse of Madness options an abundance of characters each new and previous, it additionally leaves many out of the motion. Though a number of distinguished MCU characters usually are not seen within the occasions of this movie, there are a number of who’re referenced, each instantly and not directly, regardless of their absence.


10 Tony Stark

Avengers Endgame Tony Stark snap

Tony Stark’s sacrifice continues to have profound results on the Marvel Cinematic Universe years after his dying. Early in Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange is confronted together with his personal choices made throughout the Infinity War, which instantly led to Stark’s dying on the finish of the Battle of Earth.

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In this movie, Strange should grapple with the truth that his actions instantly led to the dying of one of many world’s best heroes. Though he insists there was no different manner, the lack of Tony Stark and the five-year gamble to defeat Thanos nonetheless weighs closely on the previous Sorcerer Supreme.

9 Donna Strange

Doctor Strange Donna Strange comics

During the confrontation between Doctor Strange and his darkish doppelganger within the wreckage of a world brought on by an incursion, it’s revealed that Strange had as soon as had a sister, Donna, who drowned in a frozen lake when her brother was unable to rescue her from the icy waters. Prior to this second, there had been no indication of Strange having any siblings, not to mention one who died as a toddler.

This second of revelation brings a wholly new perspective to Stephen Strange, whose conceitedness and chilly demeanor went unexplained for years. Now, the character appears rewritten, as his veneer is revealed to have been delicately constructed by the thoughts of a traumatized youngster.

8 Chthon

Marvel Comics Chthon

In Marvel Comics, Chthon is the traditional demon that cursed Wanda Maximoff upon her delivery on Wundagor Mountain. Multiverse of Madness instantly references this supernatural entity when Wanda and Wong go to his temple on the mountain, discovering a throne meant for the Scarlet Witch.

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With the acknowledgment of Chthon, the Marvel Cinematic Universe appears more and more prepared to embrace the darker origins of Wanda Maximoff from the comedian books. The introduction of this demon might additionally signify the approaching of extra devilish beings, similar to Mephisto himself.

7 Hawkeye

When Strange visits Wanda to ask for her assist with America Chavez, she asks him why he did not look to different Avengers first. To this, Strange responds sarcastically relating to the Avengers, with a selected distaste for “the archer with the mohawk,” in fact in reference to Hawkeye, an authentic member of the superhero staff.

One factor that MCU followers constantly love is references to different Avengers. Despite the cheeky reference, Hawkeye and Doctor Strange have never interacted onscreen in the MCU, although each stay lively within the franchise, that means that they might but staff up sooner or later.

6 Spider-Man

Spider-Man No Way Home Finale Tom Holland

Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness is a direct followup to the earlier cinematic installment of the MCU, Spider-Man: No Way Home. While speaking to America Chavez, Strange and Wong reference the occasions of the prior movie, although they appear considerably scarce on the small print, regardless of having been there.

The quick however memorable reference to Spider-Man is definitely much more vital than some audiences might notice. Strange’s allusion to the hero confirms that he nonetheless remembers the occasions of No Way Home regardless of the reminiscence wipe incurred on the finish of the movie. Given that Wong and Strange’s recollections appear hazy, this might point out that the spell has merely rewritten recollections, slightly than altering the occasions of the previous.

5 Dormammu

The movie’s mid-credits scene introduces Charlize Theron’s Clea, a sorceress from the Dark Dimension who warns Strange of a coming incursion, indicating that the MCU is on a collision course with an as-yet-unknown alternate universe. Comics followers will know that this character has an intimate connection to the Big Bad from Strange’s authentic movie, Dormammu, Ruler of the Dark Dimension.

Clea’s comedian origin reveals that she is the niece of Dormammu himself, albeit far nobler than her uncle. While Dormammu himself has not appeared since being banished from Earth within the first Doctor Strange movie, the arrival of his niece might signify his impending return.

4 Earth-616 Mordo

On Earth-838, America Chavez and Doctor Strange encounter a council often known as the Illuminati, a member of which is a variant of Baron Karl Mordo. While the Mordo with whom Strange is acquainted just isn’t seen on this movie, he’s referenced as having tried to “ruin” Strange’s life within the years since Doctor Strange.

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Baron Mordo has been a lingering free thread from the Infinity Saga, as his betrayal of the sorcerers has been left unexplored since 2016. However, the straightforward line delivered about Mordo trying to break Strange’s life no less than signifies that the sorcerer has been lively within the years since Doctor Strange, and that his former good friend has been conscious of his doings in that point.

3 Vision

In this movie, Wanda Maximioff is depicted as being within the best state of grief in her whole life. She blames Strange for the dying of her husband, Vision, whom she was compelled to kill throughout the Infinity War, just for Thanos to resurrect and homicide the synthezoid as soon as extra to acquire the Mind Stone, marking just one of many instances in which Wanda broke the audience’s hearts.

Vision’s dying was a significant turning level for Wanda, inspiring her to create the Hex over Westview in WandaVision. This dying is one more addition to Doctor Strange’s rising responsible conscience, as Wanda views his playing with the Time Stone as the first cause Vision’s preliminary sacrifice was undone.

2 Franklin And Valeria Richards

After breaking into the Illuminati chamber, Wanda Maximoff is confronted by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, who reveals to her that he has youngsters of his personal. Fans of the Fantastic Four will acknowledge this main reference to Franklin and Valeria Richards, the youngsters of Reed and Susan Storm within the comics.

Franklin and Valeria Richards are extremely vital characters in Fantastic Four lore, who’re each very highly effective beings like their dad and mom. While there had been no earlier indications that the 2 Richards youngsters have been on their method to the MCU, this reference might point out that they could possibly be present in Mister Fantastic’s next MCU appearance, whenever that may be.

1 Sue Storm

Sue Storm in Marvel Comics

After being confronted by Mister Fantastic, Wanda Maximoff inquires about his youngsters’s mom, questioning if she continues to be alive, to which Reed replies that she is. This is, in fact, a direct reference to Susan Storm, a highly-anticipated character prone to make her MCU debut within the subsequent few years, because the franchise builds to the introduction of the Fantastic Four.

Sue Storm, a.okay.a. The Invisible Woman, shall be one of many subsequent main comics superheroes to hitch the MCU, together with the remainder of the Fantastic Four. While it appears unlikely that the Earth-838 Sue referenced in Multiverse of Madness will ever seem, the allusion to her character alone needs to be sufficient to maintain Marvel followers going till her character makes her long-awaited first look within the franchise.

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