Star Trek: Picard sees the return of one in all the Star Trek franchise’s most beloved characters in Jean-Luc Picard. Set 20 years after the occasions of Star Trek: Nemesis, the present is a grittier tackle the acquainted Trek lore.

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Once completed with Picard, followers might discover themselves clamoring for extra sci-fi motion to tide them over. Whether or not it’s classics like Babylon 5 or fashionable hits like The Expanse, there’s a plethora of nice sci-fi TV for followers of Star Trek: Picard to get pleasure from.

Travelers (2016–18)

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travelers netflix show canada

Though quick lived, Travelers had numerous supply for science fiction followers of all types. The present, set within the distant future, sees the final group of surviving people as they discover a strategy to ship their consciousnesses again in time. By doing so, they hope that they’ll alter the course of humanity to alter the longer term for the higher.


Bringing in parts of exhibits like Quantum Leap and SlidersTravelers is an attention-grabbing mix of science fiction and fantasy concepts. Though time journey was used continuously in TrekStar Trek: Picard has diverged from the standard sci-fi system by bringing in concepts of consciousness switch as effectively.

The Expanse (2015–Present)

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The Expanse Space walk

While many followers of Star Trek gravitate in direction of the franchise due to the area motion, it’s the intrigue and diplomacy that provides spice. The Expanse is ready within the distant future the place humanity has unfold throughout the photo voltaic system however exists in a state of Cold War. A rag-tag group of vacationers units out to unravel a thriller which threatens to ignite the battle between people all through the photo voltaic system.

Though the scope is far smaller in The Expanse, the delicate state of affairs inside the present is harking back to most of the greatest episodes of Star Trek. It is fascinating to see a future the place issues are much less structured and extra risky than the pristine future introduced in Trek, and that volatility gives suspense all through the sequence.

Star Trek: Enterprise (2001–05)

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A promotional shot for Star Trek: Enterprise featuring Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer

Though the occasions of Star Trek: Picard happen within the furthest reaches of the Trek chronology, Star Trek: Enterprise rewound the clock to the early days of warp journey. Enterprise follows the adventures of the crew of the well-known starship, a century earlier than the occasions of Star Trek: The Original Series

Relying extra on their wits than their know-how, Enterprise supplied a singular view of the Star Trek universe and the early days of the Federation. Like Picard, the present differs from the standard visible fashion of acquainted Star Trek exhibits. With looser digital camera work and a extra industrial look to the ships, Enterprise and Picard are visible companions.

Farscape (1999–2003)

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Though Picard was an integral a part of Star Trek, he’s primarily a fish-out-of-water character within the present that shares his identify. Farscape is the story of an astronaut who’s by chance hurled throughout the universe and into the center of a band of fugitive aliens on the run.

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Like Picard, Michael Crichton acts as a fish-out-of-water and helps to behave as a liaison between the viewers and the unusual aliens he encounters. Picard’s adventures in his sequence discover him a step behind the occasions which helps maintain the viewers on top of things. Like Star Trek‘s many interesting alien speciesFarscape options a wide selection of fascinating creatures.

Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007)

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The cast of SG-1 posing for poster

Many of one of the best sci-fi exhibits are hinged across the concept of exploration, whether or not or not it’s on a starship or by means of a wierd transportation gate. Stargate SG-1 tells the story of a army group who’s tasked with exploring new worlds which can be on the opposite aspect of a mysterious Stargate.

The great thing about Stargate SG-1 is the practically limitless chance for exploration. Like the various unusual new worlds of Star Trek, the chance to a plethora of several types of tales is current. Also, the presence of a army construction inside the world of Stargate is harking back to Trek‘s acquainted Federation.

Babylon 5 (1993–98)

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Babylon 5, like numerous science fiction, acts as a microcosm of the true world and makes use of its tales to replicate actual conflicts. The present is ready upon the Babylon 5 station which acts as a impartial zone the place many alien races meet to commerce and conduct diplomatic enterprise. Hanging over all of them is the fixed risk of reignited aggression from earlier conflicts.

Much just like the acquainted tales of Star TrekBabylon 5 hinges upon diplomacy and the delicate relationship between alien races. Though they go about it by means of completely different means, the human characters of Babylon 5 are as dedicated to the preservation of peace as Captain Picard, and infrequently should make very troublesome ethical choices to maintain it.

Battlestar Galactica (2004–09)

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Battlestar Galactica

Unlike the formidable future predicted in Star Trek, many traditional science fiction tales deal with the a lot darker prospects. Battlestar Galactica follows the people aboard the final remaining transport ship headed for Earth. Amidst interpersonal squabbles, the crew of the ship should additionally cope with the lethal Cylons who’re bent on destroying all of humanity.

Battlestar Galactica‘s lower than wonderful future is a change of tempo from the utopian science fiction of Trek, and but additionally resembles parts of Star Trek: Picard. Much like the unbelievably strong aliens referred to as the Borg, Battlestar‘s Cylons are fearsome foes. Outside of the accoutrements of the present, Battlestar can be a gripping drama with numerous story parts to maintain any viewer invested.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–94)

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After having fun with the later adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, it is very important flip again the clock and discover the adventures that made him well-known. Star Trek: The Next Generation follows the crew of the united statesS Enterprise-D as they embark on their very own thrilling journey into the outer reaches of area in the hunt for new worlds and new civilizations.

Often starring in a number of the best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is the guts of TNG and it’s his ethical steering that directs the crew. As some extent of reference, it’s important for followers of Picard to comply with Picard’s arc from starting to complete, and it shines a lightweight on his choices within the newer present.

The Orville (2017–Present)

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By bringing in parts of humor, The Orville manages to be each a touching tribute to traditional sci-fi, in addition to a biting parody of the identical. The present follows the titular ship and its crew because it explores the outer reaches of the galaxy in the hunt for new scientific discoveries.

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With a twist on the traditional Trek system, The Orville isn’t solely humorous but in addition fills the void that was left when no new Star Trek sequence have been out there. Often pulling from some of the most memorable moments from Star TrekThe Orville usually feels extra like traditional Trek than most of the fashionable exhibits within the franchise.

Star Trek: Discovery (2017–Present)

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Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham in Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery was the triumphant return of the franchise to TV, over a decade after Enterprise was taken off the air. Star Trek: Discovery follows the crew of the united statesS Discovery as they discover the galaxy a decade earlier than the occasions of The Original Series. 

Though practically unrecognizable to followers of the older Trek exhibits, Discovery set the tempo for which Picard would finally comply with. Opting for faster paced tales, and a extra motion primarily based idea, Discovery is the template for contemporary Star Trek tv properties. Though the present eschews the cerebral parts of the traditional exhibits, there may be nonetheless sufficient of the Trek universe to maintain followers engaged.

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