Despite having some of the beloved and highest-grossing motion stars, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, on the helm and a comparatively unbelievable opening weekend (incomes over $67 million – Box Office Mojo), Black Adam might be considered a flop for DC Studios. That’ll put in query the opportunity of a sequel and the large struggle between Black Adam and Superman that Johnson wishes. Regardless, Black Adam did give the DCU the JSA, an alternative choice to the Justice League, to discover. Strangely sufficient, that’s the place the DCU has succeeded for a lot of followers – delving into tales and characters exterior the Justice League, like in The Suicide Squad or Peacemaker.

Should the DCU handle to remain afloat as is n this second of flux, they need to return to tales that includes the Justice League whereas nonetheless introducing characters like Peacemaker who aren’t a part of the group. Interestingly, there aren’t truly many characters who haven’t served on the Justice League within the comics, given its prolific historical past. However, these heroes specifically could be greater than worthy of becoming a member of the DCU whether or not in their very own present or movie or as supporting characters in future initiatives.



One factor the DCU is lacking are the sidekicks and supporting heroes like Robin, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl (all of who’ve been a part of one in every of DC Comic’s most prolific groups, the Teen Titans). Overall, the group could be a cool addition to the DCU, however Raven, specifically, could be a welcome sight in an enormous film format. Not solely may they then delve into some supernatural tales, however her powers would additionally entail some fascinating particular results.

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Of course, there’s Titans on HBO Max that will probably limit their inclusion within the DCU for now. However, given the truth that Dick Grayson was as soon as Robin years in the past within the DCU, Raven and the Teen Titans may as a substitute be launched as grownup heroes, which might assist differentiate them from Titans.

Red Hood

Red Hood standing in the rain in the DC Comics

Batman is in a perplexing state of affairs within the DCU because of The Batman, which may restrict the alternatives to introduce some of his best supporting characters, including fellow members of the Bat Family. Were they to discover a approach to take action, Jason Todd (aka Red Hood) could be a cool addition. He was the second Robin who was killed off by the Joker after which resurrected because the villain-turned-anti-hero, Red Hood.

They must do loads, narratively talking, to get Red Hood primed for the DCU, (though they might retcon the truth that they killed off Dick Grayson earlier than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for some motive as a substitute of Jason Todd). That may then enable him to function as Red Hood, and he may function the primary antagonist in a Batman film earlier than transitioning into an anti-hero.

Icon & Rocket

Rocket and Icon standing together with his arms crossed in DC Comics

Peacemaker is a particular character in comparison with the likes of Superman or Batman as he’s truly an authentic creation of Charlton Comics (who was later built-in into the primary DC Comics continuity). An identical state of affairs occurred with Milestone Comics, which launched comics geared toward bettering the illustration of minorities within the business. Two of their main characters who’ve since turn out to be integral components of DC Comics and could be enjoyable additions to the DCU are Icon and his sidekick, Rocket.

Icon is an alien with some powers that might rival even Superman, whereas Rocket is a teenage human who satisfied him to turn out to be a hero. She joined him as his protégé and used a few of his alien expertise to govern kinetic vitality. Together, they’d undoubtedly be worthy of their very own mission, particularly a present on HBO Max.


Static using his electric powers in the DC Comics

Icon and Rocket hail from what DC Comic calls the Dakotaverse, together with different main heroes, Hardware and Static. In specific, Static could be an amazing addition to the DCU. In reality, in 2020, at DC FanDome, it was introduced {that a} Static movie was in improvement, produced by Michael B. Jordan (through Variety). However, as there hasn’t been a lot information since and the final standing of DC Studios, it doesn’t appear probably that this may occur anytime quickly.

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Regardless, ought to teen heroes come into play within the DCU, Static needs to be one of many first to make an look. In his favor, the electrokinetic hero isn’t a sidekick, like Robin or Aqualad, and, as such, his introduction isn’t contingent on that of an grownup hero.

Wonder Woman (Nubia)

Nubia flying in the air in the DC Comics

The current information that Patty Jenkins decided to step away from Wonder Woman 3, plus the general standing of the DCU, probably means audiences received’t be returning to Themyscira for an extended whereas. That’s a disgrace as they have yet to introduce some iconic Wonder Woman’s characters, together with Nubia.

Importantly, she is the primary Black lady superhero within the DC Comics (through Den Of Geek) and, lately, she’s turn out to be a serious character within the comics, headlining a number of of her personal runs. With the identical power as any Amazonian and her personal magical weapon just like the Lasso of Truth, her Staff of Understanding, Nubia is without doubt one of the few characters who may actually go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman.

Midnighter & Apollo

Midnighter and Apollo preparing to fight in the DC Comics

Midnighter and Apollo had been first launched by WildStorm as a play on Batman and Superman, however in 2011, they’ve since been built-in into the primary DC Comics continuity. Both are a part of Stormwatch, a secret group of superheroes who’ve been round, working within the shadows to guard the Earth from alien threats for the reason that Dark Ages. Overall, the team would make for an epic show on HBO Max, however Midnighter and Apollo collectively may helm their very own.

Unlike Batman, Midnighter does have some powers, demonstrating a type of precognition that permits him to know the outcomes of most conditions. He’s additionally outlined by his gratuitous violence, so any story involving him may deliver the DCU nearer to that of The Boys. Apollo’s full capabilities may rival Superman’s and are additionally depending on the solar. Together, they’re a really dynamic and engaging superhero duo and couple, which might assist in the utter lack of queer illustration within the DCU.

Lady Blackhawk

Lady Blackhawk winking in the DC Comics

Birds of Prey noticed the formation of the group made up of Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya. One member nonetheless lacking is Lady Blackhawk. Zinda Blake was initially launched in 1959 as a hopeful member of the Blackhawks, a group of World War II pilots. Eventually, she crossed over with main superheroes and joins the Birds of Prey, being the individual to coin the title within the comics.

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She and the Blackhawks may make for an fascinating enlargement of the DCU. Lady Blackhawk may very well be concerned within the Birds of Prey (like within the comics), or they might merely present an insular wartime story very completely different from the DCU mould. It may very well be a cool choice to do their very own model of Top Gun, maybe considerably linked to Wonder Woman, earlier than one thing brings the character into the current.


Wildcat about to attack in the DC Comics

While Batgirl was shelved, evidently Black Canary will go forward and star Jurnee Smollett within the titular function. It will probably deal with her backstory and present her journey to turn out to be among the finest fighters within the DCU (which is able to probably entail the introduction of Ted Grant aka Wildcat). In addition to being her mentor, Wildcat is also a prolific member of the JSA, and since they’re seemingly the premier super-team within the DCU (as proven in Black Adam), it makes his probabilities of showing all of the extra probably.

Wildcat is a world-class boxer with an sudden mystical twist. He was actually given 9 lives like cat and stays at peak bodily situation (which means he could be relentless in a struggle). Should he seem in costume, somewhat than as merely Ted Grant, they’ll have to ensure to distinguish him aesthetically so he doesn’t appear like a pastiche of Black Panther.


An image of Kilowog looking angry in the Marvel comics

Perhaps essentially the most obtrusive omission up to now within the DCU is the Green Lantern Corp. They have featured within the DCEU earlier than, with one combating towards Darkseid alongside the Amazonian, Atlanteans, people, and gods in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (after which John Stewart was initially supposed to feature as well, however that was lower). A Green Lantern Corps movie has been within the works supposedly for an extended whereas, although like many different DCU initiatives, it stays shrouded in thriller nonetheless. Regardless, together with the main gamers of Hal Jordan and/or John Stewart, they’ll must discover Kilowog (or a extra alive model since his lifeless physique could be seen within the Knightmare).

Kilowog is usually proven as a pacesetter and teacher within the Green Lantern Corps who develops an essential friendship with Hal Jordan. Naturally, he’s labored with the Justice League many instances however has but to quantity among the many group’s ranks. However, within the DCU, with regards to the main crossover occasions, Kilowog will definitely have a job to play if he’s launched by then.

Jonah Hex

jonah hex james gunn tease

Another character that will enable the DC Studios to play with genres and tropes within the DCU is Jonah Hex. He is a bounty hunter and anti-hero, finest acknowledged for his unexpectedly noble private code.

Jonah Hex hails from the late 1800s and as such, his inclusion within the DCU would stay largely intimate and faraway from the primary narrative. However, he may simply get integrated when wanted for an enormous crossover occasion like Crisis on Infinite Earths additional down the road.

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