The overwhelming success of Minions: The Rise of Gru this yr has continued to show that different studios like Illumination and Dreamworks have what it takes to compete with the may of Disney Animation Studios, particularly within the realm of 3D CGI animation. With that seemingly being the norm, big-budget 2D-animated films have change into rather a lot rarer lately.

Luckily, there have already been loads of unimaginable non-Disney examples through the years, together with classics like The Prince of Egypt and The Iron Giant. Animation followers on Ranker voted up their favourite films on this class to discern the easiest 2D classics that did not come from Disney.

Note: Ranker lists are stay and proceed to accrue votes, so some rankings could have modified after this publishing.


10 FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)


A fantastically colourful musical journey with an environmental message that hasn’t gotten any much less related with time, it is simple to see why FernGully: The Last Rainforest nonetheless appears like one of many strongest 2D opponents to Disney’s finest efforts. It tells the story of a human mistakenly getting shrunk down and discovering the world of fairies residing in an Australian rainforest.

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The film contains a star-studded solid that features Tim Curry, Samantha Mathis, Christian Slater, and Robin Williams, making it a showcase of some critical expertise. That highlights the film as a well-liked alternative however the animation itself is not fairly as much as a few of its Disney contemporaries and that is seemingly why the film is not any increased within the ballot.

9 The Secret of NIMH (1982)

Characters in The Secret Of Nimh holding onto a bird

The great animated directorial debut of the legendary Don Bluth, who was liable for a variety of Disney’s finest opponents after leaving the corporate, The Secret of NIMH is a pleasant animal journey story. Based on a well-liked youngsters’s ebook, the film has all of the charming touches it must promote its story of a subject mouse in bother.

Its wealthy element evoked recollections of a good older era of traditional 2D animation and that is a giant a part of why it was met with acclaim in addition to business success. Though that has developed right into a loyal fanbase that may vote up the film at any alternative, it is also a film that may be fairly visually disturbing, pushing aside some potential followers.

8 Balto (1995)

The closing movie produced by Steven Spielberg’s UK-based Amblimation studio earlier than it became DreamWorks Studios, which now boasts some of the best animated movies, Balto is predicated on the real-life story of a canine that grew to become a hero after serving to ship life-saving medication within the Nineteen Twenties.

Kevin Bacon and Bridget Fonda head up a likable solid that helps to promote its heartfelt story of heroism, and the animation is greater than competent. Although Balto‘s release was overshadowed by Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, it slowly discovered its viewers over time and so they made their voice heard on Ranker.

7 An American Tail (1986)

An American Tail was made as Don Bluth was starting to hit his stride as an animated director. Thanks to its nice songs, glowing humor, and the draw of its iconic most important character Fievel Mousekewitz, it grew to become an enormous vital and business success. It additionally broaches some critical themes that make it resonate with many.

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There can also be a way of surprise portrayed within the film’s visuals all through that could be the results of Steven Spielberg’s involvement within the film’s manufacturing.  An American Tail spawned a complete franchise with Fievel as its face but it surely appears unlikely many would neglect the long-lasting character anyway, because the film continues to be the very best the mouse has featured in so far as followers on Ranker are involved.

6 All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)

All Dogs Go to Heaven - Best Dog Movies

In its story of a murdered canine that returns to earth to hunt revenge solely to find one thing much more vital as a substitute, All Dogs Go to Heaven managed to seize the hearts and imaginations of a era. What’s spectacular is that it did this regardless of performing poorly on release, competing instantly with the extra visually spectacular The Little Mermaid, which also had the better songs.

All Dogs Go to Heaven found its viewers on VHS nevertheless, which means many ended up watching the film a few years after its release. That’s why it discovered much more enduring followers on Ranker than films that had far stronger field workplace returns and the visible attraction of its canine characters seemingly helped make it a straightforward option to vote for too.

5 The Land Before Time (1988)

A scene from The Land Before Time 1988

It’s no shock that the animated film that spawned a complete media franchise in addition to fashioned an vital a part of so many individuals’s childhoods would show a well-liked alternative on Ranker. The first film within the Land Before Time franchise, the movie did a powerful job of humanizing dinosaurs, presenting the prehistoric journey of the younger Littlefoot.

Any kids’ movie that opens with a death scene is more likely to have a big effect and that was the case for The Land Before Time. It did not damage the film’s optimistic vital reception although and it helped it contact the hearts of youngsters all over the place. It’s that all-important connection that made it a beloved movie and garnered it so many votes on Ranker.

4 The Iron Giant (1999)

Hogarth shows the Iron Giant a comic book

The directorial debut of Brad Bird, who went on to direct Ratatouille and each Incredibles films for Pixar, The Iron Giant stands out because it really made use of the 2D animation medium to create gorgeous sci-fi visuals that could not be discovered anyplace else. Along with an exquisite story tailored from Ted Hughes’ novel, it is a film that is usually underrated.

Luckily, the movie buffs of Ranker like to make sure nice films get the popularity they deserve, which is why The Iron Giant acquired so many votes. With its director later making films below Disney’s wing, it is smart that the film is without doubt one of the finest animated efforts outdoors of their umbrella.

3 Anastasia (1997)

Anastasia and Dimitri kiss in Anastasia

Although it is maybe most well-known for its titular character usually being mistaken for a Disney princess, Anastasia is a film rightfully acknowledged for lots greater than that by followers on Ranker. Don Bluth’s most profitable film, the movie may simply be mistaken for a Disney title with its fairytale plot and exquisite visuals.

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It’s additionally helped by an all-star voice solid that features the likes of Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, and Christopher Lloyd, which is the type of star expertise that might attraction to any film buff. Along with its expansive and intriguing plot, it is simple to see why the film is so well-appreciated by voters on Ranker.

2 The Prince of Egypt (1998)

The Prince Of Egypt (1998)

Although the studio now boasts a number of fan-favorite animated properties, The Prince of Egypt is well Dreamworks’ best 2D movie because of its epic biblical plot and the fervour that was clearly put into crafting its lovely re-telling. With a panoramic soundtrack to match, it is no shock the film was a vital and business success.

While this alone means it will inevitably draw quite a lot of votes from film followers on Ranker, it is also helped by an nearly unmatched voice solid that features Val Kilmer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ralph Fiennes, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, and lots of extra, in addition to fan-favorite comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short. As a consequence, the film very almost took the highest spot on the ballot.

1 The Road To El Dorado (2000)

Miguel and Tulio in The Road to El Dorado

Telling the story of two charismatic con artists who discover a map to the legendary misplaced metropolis of El Dorado, The Road to El Dorado is an effective, old school journey film and its clean, colourful animation makes it instantly stand out. Perhaps as a result of rise of nice 3D animated films, it was a business disappointment on the time of its release.

Along with blended opinions, the film was seen as a failure for a very long time till it developed a cult following loyal to the film’s distinctive model of enjoyable. It’s a testomony to only how large this re-evaluation of the film has been through the years that it now ranks as the highest non-Disney 2D animated film among the many film followers of Ranker.

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