With Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power because of arrive in September of this 12 months, there’s been a lot of anticipation amongst Tolkien followers, spurring dialogue about whether or not or not the present will stay as much as expectations. Regardless of the result, one factor is for certain and that’s followers of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work will all the time be capable to get pleasure from Sir Peter Jackson‘s extraordinary movie trilogy.

All three of Jackson’s films are masterful and nonetheless cherished by critics and audiences alike, even 20 years later. The groundbreaking trilogy is firmly solidified as a legend in popular culture and has subsequently been referenced in tons of films and TV reveals over time. Some allusions are cleverer than others, however all intention to honor the fantasy basic with their references. It’s all the time nice enjoyable to identify an sudden callback to The Lord of the Rings, and fortunately there are many them to get pleasure from.


Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick holding a shrinked Squidward in SpongeBob

In season 5 of Spongebob Squarepants, there’s an episode known as “Banned in Bikini Bottom” during which the Krusty Krab is shut down. The compelled closure of his restaurant leads Mr. Krabs to get inventive so as to proceed being profitable. His vivid thought is to secretly promote Krabby Patties in Spongebob’s home.

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In the entry of the home, there is a pleasant reminder for patrons written upon a banner. The message is “KEEP IT SECRET KEEP IT SAFE” that are the precise phrases that Gandalf utters to Frodo in regards to the Ring in The Fellowship of the Ring. It’s an sudden and foolish factor to seem in a cartoon, however followers of the Rings trilogy little doubt get chuckle out of it each time they see it.

The Interview

James Franco and Seth Rogen work with the government in the Interview

After assembly with Kim Jong-un and being satisfied he is simply misunderstood, Skylark Tonight host Dave Skylark (James Franco) decides not to participate in Kim’s assassination. Dave butts heads along with his accomplice, Aaron (Seth Rogen), and the 2 of them get right into a heated disagreement. Dave mentions that he as soon as believed Aaron was the “Samwise to his Frodo” however now thinks Aaron higher represents Boromir.

It’s clear that in Dave’s thoughts there are few folks as unhealthy as Boromir. The son of Denethor might have tried to take the Ring from Frodo, however he repented of it later. Most followers are in a position to look previous Boromir’s flaws and see that he’s truly and noble man, so being in comparison with him is not a lot of an insult. The trade between Dave and Aaron is hilarious anyway, and a welcome point out of some beloved characters.

The Martian

Matt Damon in The Martian

When some NASA executives maintain a secret assembly to formulate a plan to retrieve astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon), they name the gathering “Project Elrond” in honor of the council that was held in Rivendell. There’s some dialogue in regards to the title and why it suits effectively for the assembly earlier than the group strikes on to extra vital issues.

One of the funnier issues in regards to the scene is that Sean Bean is a part of it. He, after all, performed Boromir in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. His direct participation in a dialogue in regards to the council of Elrond is a bit meta and is worthy of a smile from Rings followers.

Shrek 2

The Shrek franchise isn’t any stranger to paying homage to other films, and a good variety of them require a skilled eye and a deep data of movie historical past. The reference to The Lord of the Rings is extremely simple to identify, although. When Shrek has a hoop made for Fiona, it seems precisely like Sauron’s Ring. It even has a message that’s revealed by fireplace, solely this one reads, “I Love You.”

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When Shrek is handed the ring after it’s solid, he fumbles with it because it’s too scorching and sends it flying excessive within the air. Fiona reaches out to catch it and it lands completely on her finger in the identical trend it did for Frodo in The Prancing Pony. It was a magical second for the 2 ogres, however for followers of Jackson’s trilogy, it was a welcome acknowledgment of a basic scene.

Stranger Things

Eleven and Friends in Stranger Things Season 4

Although the Middle-earth films had not but been launched within the timeline Stranger Things takes place in, the principle group of mates have been huge followers of Tolkien’s books. They consult with his work at numerous factors all through the collection, however the first one is a few forested road the boys name “Mirkwood.”

The resemblance to the darkish and sickly forest Legolas hails from is undoubtedly why they gave it that identify. It’s an incredible instance of how youngsters like to fake they stay of their favourite fantasy worlds. Unfortunately for Will (Noah Schnapp) and his mates, their universe has the entire peril and not one of the lovely magic of Middle-earth, one of the greatest fantasy worlds ever created.

The Office

John Krasinski as Jim in The Office

Jim Halpert is well-known for his pranks on his fellow salesman, Dwight Schrute. In the third episode of season 5, “Business Ethics,” Jim takes benefit of Dwight’s dedication to not have private conversations throughout work hours. Standing effectively inside earshot of Dwight, Jim brazenly shares a narrative about considered one of Dwight’s favourite reveals, Battlestar Galactica, solely it is about much more than that.

Jim purposefully messes up the main points of the present to get on Dwight’s nerves, understanding he cannot reply. The description Jim offers of Battlestar Galactica contains characters like Dumbledore, Lando Calrissian, and Frodo Baggins. Jim additionally makes a degree to speak in regards to the One Ring and Mordor, which clearly do not belong within the dialog. Watching Dwight making an attempt to not lose his thoughts is exceedingly humorous, however die-hard fantasy followers can perceive his frustration.


Dominic Monaghan looking scared in Lost

In the episode of Lost known as “Further Instructions,” Charlie makes a sarcastic remark about how bushes are nice at making dialog. Monaghan is well-known for his function as Meriadoc Brandybuck in The Lord of the Rings, the place he and his companion Pippin (Billy Boyd) got here throughout Treebeard, who’s voiced by the superb John Rhys-Davies.

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The quick comment Charlie makes is a reference to the truth that Dominic’s character Merry spent a big chunk of The Two Towers conversing with Treebeard as they have been touring by way of Fangorn. It’s doable the reference might have gone over the heads of some Lost viewers, however followers of The Lord of the Rings would have immediately caught on.

Family Guy

Griffin Family in Family Guy intro

In episode 26 of season 4, “Petergeist,” John Herbert saves Chris from a violent tree that grabs Chris out of his mattress. Upon confronting the tree, Herbert shouts “You shall not pass!” earlier than putting the bottom along with his walker. The floor then opens up and swallows each Herbert and the tree. They plummet deep into the Earth and battle earlier than touchdown in an underground pool of water.

This is an apparent callback to Gandalf’s legendary combat towards the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm. The sudden reference is undoubtedly side-splitting and considered one of Herbert’s finest moments.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert is an enormous fan of The Lord of the Rings. He’s made a degree of speaking about it at each doable alternative. Viewers can virtually see the celebrities in his eyes when a forged member from the trilogy seems as a visitor on his present. Out of all of the occasions he has made point out of the trilogy, there may be one reference to rule all of them.

Near the twentieth anniversary of The Fellowship of the Ring, Colbert produced a celebration video alongside a number of The Lord of the Rings forged members. Together, all of them rapped in regards to the superiority of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, typically poking enjoyable at different film collection. They all appeared to have nice enjoyable and honored the cinematic classics within the course of.

The Sandlot 2

The Sandlot 2

This sequel is not probably the most well-respected in historical past, and many individuals have not even seen it. Those who’ve watched it typically say it might’ve been higher had it by no means been made, but when that have been the case then the world would have one much less pleasant The Lord of the Rings reference.

In the opening scene of the movie, there is a voiceover narration that recollects what occurred in The Sandlot, accomplished within the fashion of the prologue from The Fellowship of the Ring. The wording is sort of precisely the identical at some factors. It’s fairly goofy and on no account saves the film from failure, however it’s an pleasant little deal with nonetheless.

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