Whether it is a survival horror sport like Fatal Frame or an RPG Maker sport like Ib, many horror video games characteristic creepy dolls to some extent. Because of supposedly haunted dolls resembling Annabelle and the overall uncanny valley feeling brought on by dolls, gamers can discover themselves being unnerved by dolls even when they do not have a specific concern of them.

While most of those video games solely embrace quick sections with dolls, nonetheless, there’re additionally sure horror titles that primarily characteristic creepy dolls. These titles, which incorporates Emily Wants To Play, will make it possible for gamers by no means take a look at dolls the identical method once more.


10 The Doll House (2020)

A screenshot from The Doll House DLC for Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

Released in the direction of the top of 2020, The Doll House is a DLC marketing campaign for the 2015 parody horror sport Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion. Known as Spooky’s Dollhouse within the 2017 remake Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation, this additional journey has the participant enter a wierd house-like place whereas navigating the labyrinth of flooring inside the titular mansion.

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While avoiding murderous dolls, the participant might want to use one specific doll to progress via the ability, which can slowly uncover the hidden truths behind Spooky’s previous. Depending on their actions, the participant might lastly destroy the mansion and save the trapped spirits, however they will additionally doom the planet. With sure surreal aesthetics that appear to be referencing Kitty Horrorshow video games, this DLC offers an ideal finish to Spooky’s long-running story.

9 Don’t Toy With Me (2022)

A screenshot of Wisker, Huxley, and Dahlia in the game Don't Toy With Me

While there are a lot of games that contain body horror, the 2022 visible novel sport Don’t Toy With Me does one thing distinctive by containing physique horror imagery of toys quite than natural lifeforms. Since Dahlia, who’s a porcelain doll, has been feeling lonely for a very long time in her dollhouse with solely the small stuffed rabbit Wisker for firm, the human proprietor decides to introduce a clown puppet named Huxley to the family.

Although the 2 characters get alongside at first, they quickly start to conflict, and the proprietor’s selections will decide who lives and who dies. Despite being a horror expertise, the primary highlights are the nuanced characters, their attention-grabbing interactions with one another, and the way in which the sport tackles severe topics resembling emotional abuse.

8 Ceramic Soul (2022)

A screenshot of the main character, Yu, in a level in the game Ceramic Soul

Created as a scholar challenge, Ceramic Soul is a 2022 free horror journey sport a couple of porcelain doll named Yu, who is supposed to be an ideal model of her mom’s estranged daughter. To escape the Victorian manor she lives in, Yu should discover the mansion, resolve puzzles, and keep away from her patrolling mom. Since Yu is a doll, she will detach her hand from her physique, which she will then management as a separate entity that may crawl via small areas and attain gadgets.

As she explores the manor, she slowly learns concerning the struggles her mom needed to endure and the historical past between the mom and daughter. Besides being a free sport, the Alice in Wonderland-esque aesthetics and attention-grabbing puzzles make this expertise value a playthrough.

7 Darkness Under My Bed (2021)

A screenshot from the game Darkness Under My Bed

Created by Desert Fox, who additionally made the Bad Dream sequence, Darkness Under My Bed is a 2021 monochromatic point-and-click psychological horror sport a couple of younger boy who constructed an enormous labyrinth below the mattress to attempt to imprison the monsters lurking inside. Despite the convoluted maze, the monsters had been nonetheless escaping and stealing the boy’s possessions and reminiscences.

After one of many monsters steals probably the most valuable gadgets, the boy lastly gathers the braveness to make use of a remote-controlled robotic to discover the labyrinth and rescue the factor that was misplaced. Since the developer based mostly the graphics on actual pictures, the creepy expertise feels actual because the participant explores the unrealistic area, solves puzzles, and meets many creepy dolls. Shortly after this title, the developer launched two quick sequels titled Game For Anna and DUMB: Treasure.

6 The Doll Shop (2018)

A screenshot from the game The Doll Shop

Created by Atelier Sentô, who additionally developed the 2017 sport Yûrei StationThe Doll Shop is a 2018 psychological horror point-and-click journey sport that takes place in a rural Japanese village. The protagonist is a lonely doll maker who lives within the village and in addition collects butterflies as a pastime. When his childhood pal visits the world throughout the winter, he thinks he may need lastly met somebody he can join with.

But, over the course of a number of days, the participant will understand that there is one thing extra sinister happening within the doll maker’s life than simply loneliness, and it has one thing to do with a lady who went lacking final summer time. Along with an intriguing thriller, the entire graphics had been hand-drawn and watercolored, which provides the game a distinct storybook-esque artwork type.

5 Emily Wants to Play (2015)

A screenshot from the game Emily Wants To Play

Released in 2015, Emily Wants To Play is a survival horror sport the place the participant is a pizza supply man who visits a home to finish one remaining supply late at evening. Since the order requested that he enter the home, he goes inside and is instantly trapped. To escape the home, he should survive from 11 p.m. to six a.m. whereas “playing” with the titular Emily and her three residing dolls.

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Although the characters are launched individually at first, the participant will finally should take care of all of them collectively and juggle their numerous lethal “games.” After the success of this title, the sport acquired a 2017 sequel titled Emily Wants To Play Too.

4 Noctambulant (2021)

A screenshot from the game Noctambulant

Released in 2021, Noctambulant is a 2D hand-drawn survival horror thriller sport the place the participant controls a younger woman named Renee. After a tragic occasion results in her mother and father’ deaths, she strikes in along with her grandmother, who treats her kindly. But, she additionally at all times forces Renee to go to mattress early each evening and even locks her door, so Renee decides to flee her room one evening to resolve this thriller.

Shortly after leaving her room, she rapidly discovers {that a} lanky and creepy doll with blonde hair and a snapped neck is patrolling the halls, and the doll needs to kill her. Now, Renee should keep away from the doll and resolve puzzles to uncover what the doll is and why it is attacking her, and her selections will result in one among a number of endings.

3 Tsugunohi: Whispering Toy House (2020)

A screenshot from the game Tsugunohi: Whispering Toy House

Tsugunohi is an ongoing sequence of browser-based strolling sims about how supernatural horror can steadily seep into an individual’s strange life. Each sport has the participant constantly stroll to the left via a brief repeating phase that slowly turns into corrupted because the story unfolds. Some of those video games had been launched on Steam as a set in 2021, which incorporates the installment titled Tsugunohi: Whispering Toy House.

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In this episode, the participant is a younger woman who discovers a home stuffed with vintage dolls and toys. As the whispering voices information her deeper into the home, she quickly discovers that she could be part of the gathering herself.

2 Alisa (2021)

A screenshot from the game Alisa

Inspired by late ’90s PS1 survival horror titles, Alisa is an action-adventure sport that really tries to be a retro sport quite than a contemporary sport with a retro filter. Taking place in an alternate historical past model of the Twenties, the sport follows an Elite Royal Agent named Alisa who’s chasing down a prison who stole some blueprints.

While looking a weirdly eerie rural city that is principally deserted, Alisa follows the prison to a Victorian mansion, which is the place mechanized dolls kidnap Alisa. When she wakes up, she finds herself dressed up in a blue doll-like gown and attacked by different dolls. Now, Alisa should discover the “dollhouse,” resolve puzzles, and uncover the mysteries behind the mansion.

1 Spirit Hunter: Death Mark (2017)

The doll Mary in the game Spirit Hunter: Death Mark

With Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II scheduled to release on the finish of this 12 months, now’s the right time to play the unique 2017 visible novel journey sport Spirit Hunter: Death Mark. Originally launched on the PS Vita, the sport follows an amnesiac man named Kazuo Yashiki who discovers that he now bears a Mark, which suggests a malevolent spirit has cursed him and he’ll die quickly.

With the assistance of a life-sized speaking doll named Mary, Kazuo should staff up with different Mark bearers to take care of numerous spirits and discover the one which cursed him. Depending on which characters the participant groups up with, which gadgets they discover, what selections they make, and the way the spirit battles go, the participant will get hold of one among a number of endings.

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