When Doctor Who returned in 2005, it birthed a brand new custom: the vacation particular. It could have shifted to New Year’s beginning with the Thirteenth Doctor, however for 12 years it was a Christmas Day staple to spherical off the day by watching a merry addition to the Doctor’s adventures by way of time and area.

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Despite the setting, they don’t seem to be all the time the happiest episodes. On multiple event, they have served because the setting for a Doctor’s regeneration, which is all the time a tragic affair. However, they nonetheless handle to squeeze in loads of enjoyable festive moments.


Eleven Goes Home For Christmas

Amy shoots the Doctor with a water pistol

“The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe” sees the Eleventh Doctor attempting to save lots of the Arwell household from wooden creatures, earlier than reuniting them with their father – beforehand considered lacking in motion in World War II.

This alone would’ve made for a heartwarming festive episode, however what actually cinches it’s the ultimate scene the place the Doctor visits Amy and Rory for Christmas after two years. After the Ponds reveal they all the time set him a spot, the Doctor will get emotional getting into the home for Christmas dinner. It’s uncommon to see him so weak – and naturally, it’d occur at a time that is all about household.

Attack Of The Christmas Star

Racnoss spaceship shoots London

In “The Runaway Bride”, Ten is tasked with determining how Donna Noble ended up on his TARDIS. The thriller leads him to the Racnoss, an historic race who plan on launching their assault upon the earth on Christmas Day.

Part of their plan entails utilizing a ship (conveniently formed just like the Christmas Star) to fireside upon London. It’s a enjoyable twist on a conventional festive image – and really Doctor Who.

Angels Save Ten

The Doctor is seized by two Heavenly Host in Voyage of the Damned

The Titanic does not scream Christmas, however there are nonetheless loads of festive touches in “Voyage of the Damned”. Drawn to the ship after it crashes into the TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor finds himself unraveling a slighted businessman’s plan to crash it into the earth.

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Of course, he manages to save lots of the day – regardless of interference from the ship’s servants, the Heavenly Host, which take the type of robotic, gold, Christmas angels. They later swap allegiance, taking the Doctor by the arms and flying him as much as security. It’s a surprisingly messianic second, however is precisely the type of self-indulgence audiences crave in a Christmas particular.

Abigail Sings Her Final Song

Abigail sings her final song in Doctor Who A Christmas Carol

Inspired by the Charles Dickens novel of the identical identify, “A Christmas Carol” sees the Doctor act because the Ghost of Christmas Past for miserly previous man Kazran Sardick in an effort to make him kinder. The pair let Abigail – a younger girl with an incurable sickness – out of her cryostasis yearly for at some point on Christmas Eve, till she has at some point left.

It’s this ultimate day that serves because the episode’s most iconic second. Finally out and alive on Christmas Day, Abigail sings her ultimate track. Everything about it’s eerily stunning, from the snowfall to her operatic vocals. Unsurprisingly, loads of followers contemplate this to be Doctor Who‘s definition of Christmas cheer.

The Christmas Armistice

The First and Twelfth Doctor watch the Christmas Armistice

Despite the very fact the TARDIS is constructed to journey by way of time, Doctor Who rarely dips into actual historical events. When it does, the end result might be magnificent – as confirmed in “Twice Upon A Time” when the First and Twelfth Doctor witness World War One’s Christmas Armistice.

Just as in actual life, this sees the British and German troops name a brief truce on Christmas Day. Leaving their trenches, they sing “Silent Night” and play soccer. It’s the very embodiment of the Christmas spirit, and the very fact it actually occurred makes it one of many present’s most transferring festive moments.

Clara Visits Eleven In A Town Called Christmas

Clara visits the dying Doctor in Christmas

In his ultimate outing, the Eleventh Doctor takes it upon himself to protect a city referred to as Christmas on Trenzalore, the place he’s destined to die. He’s been there for hundreds of years earlier than Clara is introduced again to say goodbye in his ultimate days.

With the Doctor now aged and weak, it is as much as Clara to assist him pull a Christmas cracker to mark the event. It’s an influence dynamic not often seen within the present, and all of the extra upsetting due to it.

Eleven Falls Down The Chimney

Eleven falls down the chimney in A Christmas Carol

Another spotlight from “A Christmas Carol” sees the Doctor make a really festive entrance to Kazran Sardick’s home. In the episode’s opening scenes, he arrives through chimney – similar to Santa Claus himself.

In the Doctor’s personal phrases, “Christmas Eve on a rooftop. Saw a chimney, my whole brain just went, what the hell.” It’s a small second, however the excellent mix of the Eleventh Doctor’s youthful quirkiness and Christmas enjoyable.

Ten Has Christmas Dinner With The Tylers

The Doctor looks at Rose at Christmas dinner

As the primary Christmas particular of the revived story, there was quite a bit driving on “The Christmas Invasion”. It took the unorthodox route of getting the Tenth Doctor bedridden for many of the episode, as he recovers from his regeneration whereas the Sycorax start their invasion of earth.

Thankfully, he awakens simply in time to save lots of the day and have Christmas dinner. Set to the festive tones of “Song For Ten”, he debuts his new search for the primary time and sits right down to eat, snigger, and pull crackers with the Tyler household. It’s uncommon to see the Doctor in such a human mild – it is one thing solely Christmas (and Rose) may deliver out of him.

Twelve And Clara’s Sleigh Ride With Santa

Clara rests her head on Santa's shoulder

It took seven Christmas specials, however Doctor Who lastly launched Santa Claus himself in “Last Christmas”. Trapped in a North Pole science base, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara depend on the person in crimson to assist them save the bottom’s crew from crabs that induce dream states whereas killing their victims.

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The fruits is a scene wherein the pair trip house on Santa’s sleigh. This is the epitome of festive magic, and one of many idyllic moments that helps stability out an in any other case darkish episode. It does not get far more Christmassy than this.

Attack Of The Killer Christmas Tree

Jackie and Rose hide from a killer Christmas tree

In Doctor Who‘s first Christmas particular, Rose is tasked with guarding a slumbering Doctor whereas aliens invade earth. That’s made harder than traditional after they face a shock risk: a killer Christmas tree.

Like many of the present’s finest moments, it is so ridiculous that it is genius. Paired with a manically upbeat festive tune, the second has but to be topped for pure Christmas ludicrousness – nor has Jackie Tyler’s line, “I’m gonna get killed by a Christmas tree!” Iconic in each means.

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