With video video games comparable to A Plague Tale: Requiem being launched to rave evaluations from critics and followers, it’s clear that gaming is at a excessive level today. Even so, some facets of enjoying video video games are so annoying that they’re completely hated by most avid gamers.

Whether it’s unfair pay-to-win options in AAA titles or irritating stage sorts, avid gamers aren’t afraid to say the elements of their passion that they can’t stand. While loads of frustrations exist in video gaming, customers on Reddit took to the web to name out the issues they hate essentially the most about enjoying video video games.


Busy Work Missions

Even although video games have turn into huge in scope in recent times, that does not essentially imply that they’re fleshed out in essentially the most intelligent means. User Harruq_Tun summed up their annoyance once they cited “30 hour games, stretched to 100 hour games by filling the map with repetitive busy work.”

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The most typical means that video games lengthen their operating time is thru issues like fetch quests, and even extremely regarded titles like Fallout 4 are responsible of the transgression. While any type of mission will be performed properly, many video games get lazy with their design and fall again on repetitive missions that make the participant really feel like they wasted their time.


Gaming is a customized expertise, and whereas some gamers wish to be challenged mercilessly, others merely wish to chill out and revel in themselves. Feeling ignored of some video games, person MajDroid wrote that they hate “games with steep learning curve.”

Though subjective, the steep studying curve of a few of the hardest games of all time makes them almost inaccessible to some gamers. Whether it’s a lack of time to spend money on working towards or the need to easily chill whereas enjoying a recreation, a number of glorious titles have alienated gamers by being too tough.

Underwater Levels

Even the very best video games have ranges that annoy avid gamers, however there are some stage design selections which are universally reviled throughout the group. User JoelsCaddy did not have quite a bit to say whereas making their level, merely calling out “underwater levels” when naming what they hate essentially the most.

From their tough controls to their irritating physics, water levels have ruined great games up to now. Franchises like The Legend of Zelda have a number of infamous water ranges which have had gamers rage-quitting for generations. While they don’t seem to be as widespread at present as in years previous, an ill-timed water stage remains to be many avid gamers’ worst nightmare.

Cutscenes That Can’t Be Skipped

The higher a recreation is, the extra it encourages gamers to come back again and play it time and again. However, some facets aren’t mandatory on the second go round, as person Desperate-Fix-9930 defined once they commented, “Games need to give you the option to skip a cutscene.”

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With the tech enhancing yr after yr, the storytelling capabilities of cutscenes have brought about a lot of them to balloon to unbelievable proportions. On the primary playthrough, they’re important to giving out plot data, however for a seasoned gamer, they turn into an overlong nuisance that ruins the circulation of the sport.

Quantity Over Quality

Crafting nice video video games is a refined artwork type, and a stability have to be struck between the story and the precise act of enjoying the sport. A deleted person noticed a disconnect within the factor they hate most about gaming, writing, “The focus of most developers on open world games is bigger worlds and more content without really any attention to whether the content is good.”

While the time period “good” is solely subjective, the person makes a great level in regards to the concepts of amount and high quality. Games can have huge worlds and large scopes, but when the precise expertise of exploring that world is boring, it hasn’t succeeded as a recreation.

Lack Of Single Player Experiences

Horror games have garnered a bevy of unpopular opinions all their very own, however one trendy downside has united the gaming group whatever the style. A deleted person spoke for a lot of gamers once they commented that they’ve an issue with “all the decent looking horror games on steam being multiplayer.”

Some gamers love to have interaction within the social expertise of a multiplayer recreation, however a big portion of the group desires one thing a bit extra singular. In the previous, video games would merely have each, however many trendy titles have switched to a multiplayer unique format. Titles like Dead by Daylight have been very talked-about, however they’ve left single-player avid gamers out within the chilly.

Escort Missions

Some gripes that avid gamers have with gaming are gigantic points that strike on the coronary heart of the trade, whereas others are needling little pet peeves that get below gamers’ pores and skin. User SPQR_Maximus talked about one thing of the pet peeve once they described the standard online game escort quest as “keep this person safe … when they will do nothing to help themselves.”

Fairness is an enormous challenge with many gamers, and escort missions can typically really feel very unfair. When the participant is made liable for an NPC character, they can’t management how the sport will make them act, and that’s the place the frustration begins to set in. While video games like Halo have a few of the best escort missions in gaming historical past, most are annoying messes that may spoil a gaming expertise.

Quick Time Events

Game mechanics range from title to title, and a few have devised actually intelligent methods to boost the standard gaming expertise. User Bitbatgaming went in the other way and referred to as out a hated mechanic when merely stating, “Quick time events.”

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QTEs have been part of gaming for many years, and avid gamers have been pissed off with them going way back to arcade titles like Dragon’s Lair. They can supply a problem with regards to response instances, however typically they arrive off as unfair and require a gamer to memorize what will occur as a way to progress within the recreation. In the outdated days, that will imply shelling out handfuls of quarters into the machine as a way to beat it.

Forced Online Play

Completing a recreation is likely one of the most rewarding experiences for any participant, however some video games strive their finest to make that as tough as doable. User themark504 voiced their frustrations with finishing video games, commenting, “Having to play online modes to achieve 100% completion”.

Online gaming has broadened the horizons of the medium, however not each participant is on board with on-line play. Whether connection points restrict them, or they merely do not wish to pay further cash to play, many avid gamers really feel like they’ve their arms tied. Online modes are an awesome addition to the gameplay however making it a requirement is not honest to the viewers of loyal prospects.


Perhaps essentially the most controversial aspect in gaming historical past, microtransactions are universally reviled by everybody within the gaming group. Illustrating just one small a part of the microtransaction downside, Reddit person DiscussionLoose8390 stated they hate “games like Roblox that prey on small children that have no sense of money to make purchases.” The person added, “Its the predatory nature of the games.”

Aside from the apparent challenge of tricking kids into spending their mother and father’ cash, microtransactions additionally betray the whole objective of gaming. When they permit gamers to pay-to-win they get rid of equity solely, and when they’re required to get essentially the most out of the sport they’re gouging the participant to spend extra on a recreation they already purchased.

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